I am over forty.


She tied him up and gagged him, then she started to beat him savagely.


Kevin wants a motorcycle.


Franklin didn't follow my advice.


It was a perfect day.

I didn't know you were a dentist.

If it didn't need to be done, nobody would do this kind of thing.

Tollefsen would never hurt you.

I had no idea who he was.

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He eats neither meat nor fish.


Eileen looks very concerned.

The building fell down suddenly.

Everyone hates know-it-alls.

I have no doubt English is the most common language in the world.

I thought Daren might know where Dick put the key.


I think you've been wonderful.


Foreign books are sold at the shop.

Lewis is a person I admire.

You know what I'm talking about.

Harris knew what Hector was trying to do.

The air here is awful.

Daren helps her mom cook.

I thought Thomas would want it back.

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Cynthia came to play.


Don't go above five rubles.

I go to school on a bus.

So I can make music.

Are you a translator?

I want to buy the same watch as Jack has.

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He's always making such witty remarks!

You'd better tell him the truth.

I just want Marc to love me.


Don't put all your eggs in the same basket.

I fixed a small leak in the roof of her shed.

Mike is coming to dinner this evening.

She spends a lot of time practicing the piano.

Every day is a battle at this worksite.


Sometimes I feel like a burden to the people around me.

It's all or nothing.

I think you should visit your mother. She's not well.

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How much bus stops are to center?

If you try your best now, happiness will come to you.

Sandra said he had seen Marla a couple of months ago.

I'm happy that Cory is happy.

I'd like to confirm the departure time.

That was a stupid thing for you to do.

Even the court enjoys an occasional roll in the gutter.

He has a bad style.

She is easily moved to emotion.


My summer school dress is blue and white checkered.

There are not so many teachers here.

Jarvis got dressed in a hurry and ran out the door.


It looked awful.

I have best job in the world.

These days, most clothing is imported from China.

It was unbearably hot.

The automaker will unveil its new line of sports cars tomorrow.


Nigel must have seen Valerie when he visited Boston.


Give me a call when you get a chance.


I have to cancel.


I need someone to talk to her.

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I want more days like this.


The human brain can adapt to new situations.

You enjoyed yourself, didn't you?

You might want to talk to her.


Everything's going to be all right. Stop crying.


What were you arguing about?


I don't believe that he's telling the truth.

I just gave Izchak 30 dollars.

I don't think Pieter is ever going to pay you back.


They roamed about the forest.

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I just want to be loved.


This is why she is still angry with me.

We should give Nancy some time to think about it.

He is used to making speeches.

Foreign countries have beautiful architecture.

My wife is going out of town for a few days.

We're with you.

Their plans blew up when the war broke out.

I love looking at everyone's colorful kimonos on Coming of Age Day.

He went to school, but didn't study much.

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I found it in the attic.

His bicycle is different from this one.

I'm being harassed by Pierre.

Humans are naturally lazy.

Irwin decided to join the army.

It saved me.

It's about time you settled down for good.


May I ask what book you are reading?

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Dimitry couldn't hear what was being said.


I haven't felt that way since Russell left.

Arlene tried not to think about what he had done.

He got out a book and read.


If you do it, I might be able to help you.

I took my umbrella in case it rains.

Are you sure we can count on Paul?

Diane left to go fishing shortly before dawn.

Carolyn never would've thought of that.

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Mother is busy cooking the dinner.

We did warn them.

If you'll keep an eye on the kids, I'll take your suit to be cleaned.

There was no stopping her.

Should I help them?

My mother is a teacher, too.

What did you see at that time?

I thought about the future.

Where do you think we are?

I've already told Caroline what he needs to do.

The old fellow is as healthy and as strong as an oak.

Do you want to see a picture of Damon?

I won't tell him you said that.

I understand you're looking for a record album of nursery rhymes.

You can't learn that in school.

That seems odd.

Brave man as he was, he recoiled at the sight.

I really don't want to do this.

Pua sings.

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I couldn't resist.

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I like to work.

Go to the park.

Brian was asked not to speak at the meeting.

I have nothing else in the world.

Taro has a strong sense of responsibility.

Harvey's problems are nothing compared to Meeks's.

I've already had dinner.


Case's parents are divorced, right?


I lived for more than a month in Nagoya.


Maria is a tax inspector.

Later, we'll visit the aquatic park.

Willie saw Ninja's footprints in the mud.

A cat ran after a mouse.

That's the trouble.


Although Narendra is sick, he's swimming again today.

They are our guests.

We gotta lose the heat, step on it!

Mario bought a microscope.

Amir is the father of three children.

Why do you want that?

He who fights may lose, but he who doesn't has already lost.

No, I'm not singing.

I'm not training your officers.

I'll send someone up to help you now.

Be careful. It's very sharp.


He opened the cages.

I owe my life to her.

No one says that anymore either. There are so few words that are still said.


Every player is under obligation to keep the rules.

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How much money do you owe him?

Steen went to Thane.

Tell me what it's like in Boston.

You will eat lightning and crap thunder.

There's someone inside.

His conlang has many morphological components.

Did she go to the concert last Sunday?

There's a remote control under the chair.

Ron is a musician.