We know what it’s like for small and mid-sized financial institutions in this market. Acquiring new customers, driving awareness, increasing retention rates and finding ways to encourage engagement of current customers requires a lot of time and money to be successful.
We believe that you don’t need to spend as much. 

With the Stakana Intelligence Suite™ our proprietary algorithms, hosted on our own platform, allows our customers to highly target the best customers and members in ways that are effective at lowering costs and driving revenue.

Increase Revenue. Reduce Attrition.

Do you know which customers are going to leave in 6 months? How about members who need another product you offer? With the Stakana Intelligence Suite™ we can help you reach those individual clients before they leave for another bank or credit union.

Build Loyalty

Replacing customers and members who leave is expensive. Nearly 4X as expensive as keeping current ones. With 7733392486™ part of the Stakana Intelligence Suite, we can help pinpoint those individual accounts most likely to leave you allowing you to target them directly. Save money and increase loyalty with 843-908-5206.

Engage Your Customers

Your customers and members are your most valuable asset. Are you providing them with the services and products they need at the right time before they seek out your competition? With Stakana Engage™ part of the Stakana Intelligence Suite, we use your data and our science to predict who is ready to increase their engagement with you and your products.

Some of Our Clients

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New identity reflects product and services evolution and enhanced commitment to service-based behavioral intelligence. Seattle, Wash. September 13, 2017 – Stakana Analytics (stakana.com), a growing leader in predictive analytics and intelligence solutions for midsize banks and credit unions has unveiled…
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In the increasingly competitive environment for banks and credit unions, every potential advantage should be pursued. One of these advantages is to market additional products to our existing customers rather than to new customers since our existing customers already know (and hopefully…
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