They were out late drinking.

Many young men died in the cause of democracy during the war.

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Marriage is the main cause of divorce.


I have something important to tell Marsh.

I think that might be wise.

I won't wait for more than thirty minutes.

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I don't have my glasses with me.


Charley always walks to school.


Am I talking too fast for you?


Swamy has been here for three days.

Are you on drugs?

You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

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Are you marrying him for his money?

They come from the same village.

She kicked her boyfriend out of the house.

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I could really use your help.

In 1956 Khrushchev denounced Stalin's crimes.

Can I see some identification?


Denis made her own lunch.


He stuck to his beliefs and accomplished a difficult task.

Brendan mentioned your name to me.

Don't get mad at me.

How is the economy?

Do you want a glass? There is one on the table.


A cat sleeps on a chair.

You've finished your work.

I'll call you if I require your assistance.


You don't know what I know.


Nicolas has long dark hair and dark eyes.

Tonight in the night sky, the stars are shining very brightly.

We should let sleeping dogs lie.

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October was worse.

Just take me home.

I thought you wanted me to help you.

Don't make me repeat myself.

She wouldn't have married him if she had known him better.

Let these sore eyes see you for the last time.

Jim saw the right and left sides before crossing the street.


Edmond is holding Aaron in his arms.

Thuan can't quit now.

I feel marvelous.

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That would be so awkward.


I cannot mime Ken in presence of the teacher.

You should get to the airport early.

Frances is scared of dogs.


I know it's hard to talk about it.

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There were some men eating their lunches under the trees in front of the library.


King nodded his agreement.

The class begins at 8:30.

He was in despair over health problems.

It contrasts sharply with its surroundings.

When candles are out, all cats are grey.

Who knows this guy?

It has to be Nigel who tells Hiroyuki she can't go.

Pontus is digging a hole.

This organization cannot exist without you.

Laura was gunned down just outside the courthouse.

I've never actually met them.

Ramiro has dabbled in the dark arts.

I didn't see a thing.

I don't want to go to the party if Marek is going to be there.

The government reshuffle doesn't help a lot.

Clare burst into the room with a rifle.

The responsibility sat heavily on her.

I am from Egypt.

Valerie waited for the applause to die down before he announced the next song.

Did you take part in the excursion yesterday?

I tried for almost an hour.

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The cat got through the hedge.

It doesn't matter whether you come or not.

I heard a call for help.

Srikanth put his feet up on the coffee table.

That's pretty optimistic.


Take care lest you should fall asleep.

Rudy told me to stay in my room.

He is a lazy fellow.

He is strange, and I don't like strange people.

The text is deemed as fluent in the target language.

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According to the newspaperman, it makes life worthwhile, doesn't it?


Learn to hope is important


Whether we win or lose, we must play fairly.


We should probably wrap up.


How did you come by the money?


It belongs to me.

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If you finish your homework, you can watch TV.


There isn't much butter left in the refrigerator.

I like to spread my toast thinly with jam.

She is a beautiful girl.

She and I usually agree.

You know who she is?

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When will a new video come out?

I wanted to show them my appreciation.

The ship turned upside down and many passengers were thrown into the sea.

Will you show me the way to the museum?

Konrad looks awful.

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We're having a discussion about that right now.


What are we up against?

You need a key.

I want to know how Takeuchi does it.

I'll arrive at Haneda Airport tomorrow evening at 7.

I won't forget what you've said here.

Although English is not his first language, he speaks it impeccably.

We were partners.

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They are talking about what they will sing.


Why does my dog hate Uri?


Please keep my place in this line.

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This is the problem.

They don't know anything.

This gold is mine.

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The town where I was born is beautiful.

You could count to ten when you were two.

It's too hard.


How many animals of each species were there on Moses' ark?

Why didn't you guys tell me?

He is no ordinary student.

Turn right at the end of that street.

He is in charge of making arrangements for our trip to Europe.

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Put out your cigarette. Smoking's not permitted here.

Randal doesn't know why Vijay needs to borrow thirty dollars.

No one's seen them.

Her father intends her to be a pianist.

I want to see you two in my office. Now.

I drive to Tokyo every day.

I don't think it's a good idea.

I really should buy a new car.

Try to forget everything I've told you.


Please get out the homework.

I wonder why Lindsay hasn't come yet.

I have to admit that I never thought of that.

The plane was delayed for two hours on account of the bad weather.

What was the girl called?

Maybe I should go help her.

I enjoy that show.


It is time that you got up.

I was worried about you.

Sadly, the poet died young.

The statue has no head.

I've never seen anything like this.

Those who want to meet, will meet.

No, I don't. I want a room for tonight.

Because an average person doesn't need 3D, or high whatchacallit speeds.

He has quite a few valuable paintings.

I can't calculate as fast as he.

I was wondering if you could do me a favor.

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I could use some help.

What's Pratt looking at?

I have hardly had a minute lately to think about personal e-mails.

What is this all about?

By supplying an efficiently designed economy, everyone can enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities of a high technological society.

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Was this for me?


Why is Jenine still in Boston?

We didn't complain at all.

Samuel graduated from high school last year.

My children are at school.

Let me try to talk to her.