Doctors can be wrong, and some patients can suddenly improve.

Somebody explain to me what's going on here.


He was happy being a Jew.

Have you received her invitation?

That was a lie, of course.

I will stop it.

It is said that Japanese people don't celebrate Christmas the way Americans do.

There is a big movement today to recycle trash.

Didn't I lend you some money yesterday?


Someone needs to tell Geoff what happened.

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His behavior aroused my suspicions.

Some students were sitting on the bench and having lunch.

She has taken a great hold on the public mind.

Which was because I didn't follow the directions in the manual or learn their lessons.

We enjoyed ourselves to the maximum!


I think Luc is effective.

If she had married you, she would be happy now.

The charge was dropped.


I need to do some shopping since Christmas is coming soon.

People learn from me.

Chris saw his favorite girl, Kate, having a private conversation with Beth.

Unfortunately, I broke my leg, so I can't go skiing with you this weekend.

I don't even know where.

Gabriel is three years older than I am, but he's shorter than I am.

I want to have this letter registered.


I'm spontaneous.

Marie was short of ideas.

I feel terrible.

What can I say to convince you?

Why did Nichael say yes?

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Everything that has meaning can be called language.


I saw Keith in the parking lot.


Politicians should keep their promises.

I don't really want to leave yet.

They do everything for each other.

It's neither here nor there.

Pieter is well.

Makemake was named after one of the gods from the Rapanui culture. The Rapanui people are natives of Easter Island. Easter Island is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

Dan looks like he just got up.


I was born on a farm.

They had nothing to eat.

Don't come into my room without knocking.

In our society we find men of integrity along with crooks.

Indeed this chair is fine to look at, but it will not stand up to long use.


Enclosed is our company profile.

You may take photos outside this museum, but not inside.

Did Kelvin have a problem with that?


What are you doing here this time of night?

She's so cheap that she uses tea bags three times before she throws them away.

The two of us work in the same office.

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I would like a chocolate ice cream.

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What's Kikki reading?

I think there's something wrong with you.

I thought it sounded like a good idea.


Kate came at five sharp.

I hate to bother you, but would you mind closing the door?

Can you ask her to come on in?

I think you have my umbrella.

Boyd and Jingbai watched John go out the door.

Marcia didn't like that place.

He ran away at the sight of me.

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I think you resemble your mother.


If you do it, I might be able to help you.

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I thought you'd be happy about that.


I wish I spoke more French.


Raymond is really interested in Greek mythology.

It's hard for Mark to talk about what happened.

Listen! She is going to explain that rule again.

I promise I won't forget it.

Just because one killed a cow doesn't mean another should kill a calf.


Clark has had a rough time.

She is very afraid of the dark.

You have only to play a role.

It actually is interesting.

Walt always eats something before going to work.

I loved the movie.

Did you bother to read it?


This is no time for jokes.


We have the ability to memorize information.

Let me just go talk to her.

Would you stop that?

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I must go to Istanbul.

I need some time with him.

It's a coincidence.

Do you want me to confess to the murder?

Hitoshi will love that.

Westerners, in general, prefer to avoid such topics unless the other person brings them up.

Several hundred years ago, scarlet fever epidemics killed thousands of people throughout the continent.

"Do you really like me?" "Yes." "Won't you tell me why you like me recently?"

This feels right.

I've been here since 2:30.

What does being a good mother mean to you?

Is this baby a he or a she?

Do you disagree with that?

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Fight the illness.

If Grandma doesn't come, the children will be disappointed.

Queen Elizabeth II has held numerous titles and honours throughout her life.

I didn't know if I was coming or going the week before I got married.

That doesn't sound like something you would do.

If you do that, I'll sue you for breach of contract!

Playing baseball is fun.

It's too dark here to read a book.

Taro's and Hanako's desk is small.


My wife suggested to me that I take her on the trip.

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You wrote this three years ago.

Norma looks just fine to me.

Please enjoy your stay.

You were always good at getting Rob to do what you wanted him to.

What I was going to suggest was that Reinhard go to the supermarket and buy some ice cream.

The border is closed.

We need to come to an agreement.

Parents try to impress upon their children the importance of honesty and hard work.

I like to visit cemeteries when I travel.


Feeling hot, I turned on the fan.

No, my dear, you had better go on horseback.

I've chosen her to be my wife.

Cris and I had the same dream.

When Luisa broke into tears, only her best friend approached to console her.

Is this train from Paris?

Could you please keep an eye on Damon?

I'll see if he is in.

For some reason it didn't go well, shot down at every attempt, and he led a sad "History of no girlfriend = Age" life.

Everything Roger did, Jef criticised.

To have one's cake and eat it too.

Reiner informed Earle that his train was late.

It's a trick.

More than 300 people attended.

Lanny thinks I'm right.


She held her breath.

I advised her to catch a morning train.

Enjoy the life!

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Shane is an old timer.

Fuck yeah!

Who plays the keyboards in your band?

I don't know where Soohong was.

I am not a bird, but I'd like to be.


Nobody likes her.

Sorrel is punctual.

Lowell doesn't want to help you.

Dan spied Matt making love to Linda.

You can leave now. I'll see to our luggage.

Without the light of the sun, we could see nothing.

Phiroze helped an old lady load her groceries in her car.

Maybe he will not come.

I've been wanting to ask you out for a long time.

Why are people always so cynical?

Open your books.

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I've never heard Aimee speak French.

He is running.

I'm taking the day off.

He's a big coward.

"Would you like any more?" "No, I've had enough."


The radio had warned us that there was a risk of flooding.

She has an abundant supply of seeds to plant in the spring.

Barrio and Lynnette both work eight hours a day.

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The person we need to tell now is Kamel.

What do you know about cockroaches?

I heard a very loud noise.


I miss my elementary teachers very much.


Juan hardly ever studies after 10:00 p.m.

Why did you paint your fence red?

Columbus proved that the world is not flat.

Nowhere is safe.

We're gonna grab a drink!