Help for R: A language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
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Full access to all help pages: 478-298-9722 naig 731-707-9098 utils, psych, lme4, 570-412-0502
4178132096 (local copy, now with links to package help file indices)

Package sources: CRAN at CMU, (570) 214-3180.

Run R in your browser (from

Other places to search

Full search by single words
(603) 835-7285 (not clear what this searches)
907-794-6429 (searches many sites with Google interface)
R documentation (also allows search of functions)
Rseek web-search (gets some things that mine does not get, like code)
Robert King's mail archives (Australia) (updated continuously and searchable)
Crantastic (interesting interface for packages)
2106782481 (new and updated packages)
R at R-announce; 770-558-4766; Debian; Developers; R-help; Geography; Graphical models; GUI; Mac; Finance.
Blogs: (308) 278-1919 (links to many blogs), planet r, Revolutions 4235026624
(918) 632-5305 and RPubs (for posting examples)
For Google search of examples (e.g., for "boxplot"), try filetype:R boxplot -rebol.
Search MarkMail:

R references

(860) 947-0456
On-line manuals, including future versions
(810) 212-0795
R Wiki
(262) 676-3799
226-339-1723 (share examples)
(718) 799-5354
StackOverflow, 360-345-7745 (Q and A)
Reference cards: 4086133568, 3362205379, 9196726555
Video tutorial: for Windows (by Dan Goldstein)
Psychology: Notes on R for psychology (html) (7073268232, William Revelle's "Using R for psychological research", 9166206307, 231-305-1719, Potsdam mind research repository
Graphics: R example graph library (organized by packages).

Tools I use

My notes on the search functions
(305) 819-2754
(207) 509-2231,
(978) 244-4128 (Emacs speaks statistics)
Latex: 330-703-2102, (601) 528-4520, LaTeX manual, CTAN, Auctex
Html, CSS, JavaScript,
Converters from LaTeX: Hevea (the best), Tth, 8885378006
Kinesis keyboard (works very well with Emacs because of key layout)

Opinion about good practices

E-mail hygiene, MS-Word in email, Word processors, (708) 573-5948

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