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Safety. In the palm of your hand.

ALCOLOCK USA is the leading source in providing innovative solutions to your need for safety. We pride ourselves in the variety of products that we offer and premium product quality.

ALCOLOCK USA delivers a variety of products including ignition interlock devices, personal and professional breathalyzers, drug screeners and accessories. We offer ignition interlock devices that cater to DUI/DWI clients, commercial fleets and private use customers. Our breathalyzers vary in size and functionality but are all produced with premium technology. We make sure that there is a breathalyzer that fits your needs and our accessories allow you to customize your device, the way you want it! Our line of drug screeners cater to different method collections, are accurate and can test for up to six different drug categories.

Click on the section that fits your needs the most, and let us help you get started on your need for safety!