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The basic thing to do is know to choose the appropriate length of the garment in terms of your body, but also the style you care for. Low people should not wear a towel that draws on the floor because they will make you lower than you actually are. Suitable lengths are below the knees or up to the half of the leaf, and the dress will further emphasize high heels shoes.

Lower persons should avoid wearing different shirts across the dress, no matter how modern they are. If you are bigger, then your choice should be dark-colored dresses that will visualize the figure of the body. With the unavoidable black color, fuller women will look good in brown and green tones. With color, you should be careful that the shoulders and upper arms are not too exposed because they are often a painful point for overweight women. Lower and slimmer women can wear brighter, more pastel tones, but also robes with strong patterns.

But, “slimy” should take off the dress with thin shoulder straps. If you have a broader waistband, the choice should be a dress with a wide waistband and an accentuated upper body.

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The models are varied, and among the more popular are dresses with gypsy or gown dresses, plated, in the form of triangles on one side, asymmetrical and dresses with various motifs like flowers and warm colors.

You can wear them with shoes on the heels, straight shoes or sandals. If the overall appearance is more casual then relax with the sneakers. Believe it will go perfectly with your summer and long dress. They are created for more occasions, casual and evening ones.
Choosing a particular model will depend on what you feel most comfortable about. Dress models are designed for ladies that do not have so much emphasis on their hips and want to visually reach their line extension.

From sensual pieces of clothing to those ‘oversized’ inspired by a men’s closet. As this is our yearly “neck”, we have decided to share the trends that this fall will take place in the streets of the cities. We hope you will be able to find inspiration and “pick up” some of the trends for future dress combinations after reading.

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When choosing long gowns, the material plays a bigger role than the short ones. Choose soft materials that have a nice drop. This dress is fluid and moves along with you, becoming a part of your people and movement. An outfit is also suitable for day and night. You only need a good bag and shoes, a flower in your hair, and possibly a small denim jacket and a pacifier if it cools down.

Depending on your preferences and your personal outfit style, you are available with monochrome models or those with a print. You can combine one-color models perfectly if you are a fan of big jewelry. The size of the dress fits perfectly with eg a striking collar or a multitude of thick bracelets.

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Choose those in classic colors if you intend to wear them often or get them for the most seasonal colors of the season such as pastel soft tones or royal blue combined with gold bulky jewelery. Simply irresistible.

The size of the dresses on which print is so attractive are that jewelry does not even need you. For a more feminine look you can tie them with a thin waistband in your waist. They are a great choice for those girls who may not have been able to solve even the last few pounds they share from the summer figure.