Warthunder Jets

Hi, I'm Jake!

I am the person behind everything that happens with Warthunder Jets. Hopefully you can learn a little more about me from this section!


Currently, I am a student pilot. Having time in a AT-6, Yak-52, Cessna 172 (Unofficially: Cherokee 180, Comanche 250, Aerostar 600), and soon to be T-33. I'd say I'm well on my way to a great flying career. I'm also happy to answer questions about aviation. Click the link above to see more about my flying experiences!


The New England Air Museum

I am currently volunteering at the New England Air Museum. If I post a behind the scenes picture of an airplane from a museum, there's a big chance I took it while working! This is one of the best museums I've ever been to, and it's definately worth the trip. They have over 65 aircraft on display, and each one has an amazing story behind it.

Current Contest:

Cockpit Shot

Be following me Instagram
Use the best quality your computer can run
One Entry per person
Only one screenshot (no collages)
No pictures with me in it
No decals on YOUR plane
Must be your own screenshot
Must take place inside the cockpit
Must not be edited
No Swastikas
Must be a screenshot from warthunder

Enter: Submit your image (574) 206-1838

Winner chosen on the 23rd of April

Prize: 500 Golden Eagles