Am I making lots of mistakes?

Guido stuck a gun to Sergio's head.


Izzy is writing on the blackboard.

How would you help me?

I hope Sanjeev didn't hear us.

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Would you like to sell your car?

It's getting cold.

Esperanto is spoken.

We must do it now.

Try it and see.

Thank you so very much for your greetings.

She's rich.

Strawberries and raspberries are both examples of an aggregate fruit.

I don't want to get a haircut.


You said that Kate wasn't busy.

Giles stood there, waiting to cross the busy road.

When will it end?


Let Bart decide what you need to do.

I'd rather live alone.

"May I go with you?" "Of course."

He is even afraid of his own shadow.

In seahorses it's the male that gets pregnant.

She always does this.

Are you deaf or something?

Many people uphold the stance that 95% of the DNA is junk.

My mistake cost me my fortune.

Don't let him switch off the light.

I had a sweet dream yesterday.


Teacher, I will write it in pen.

I've lost everything.

He laughed off my idea.

At what time did you go to bed yesterday?

A dog has a sharp sense of smell.

This is the reason why I didn't come yesterday.

Why not try jogging?


I quit smoking half a year ago.


A little village is situated in between both towns.


He's smart and hardworking.

Lulu Island was named after a possibly Hawaiian showgirl, Lulu Sweet, in 1862.

I wanted to let them go.


He is madly jealous of his woman.

I stayed home to rest.

I really need your help.


Do you see a rose?

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Do you two work together?


Please hold on a moment.

He is a Japanese Edison, as it were.

Pay me a beer.

The possibilities were endless.

I'm not senile.

Al asked Donn to drive him to the airport.

I don't have anything to say on that subject.

Suu pressed his cheek against my cheek.

That singer is a teenage idol.

How about me stopping by?

Not all of us went to the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Expressing your feelings is not a sign of weakness.

It's not fake.


Who wrote this song?

We have written a book.

I'm satisfied that everything was finished that way.

Get your hands off of him.

We're still confused about that.


This is so pathetic.

There is some truth in that.

We think he'll be back soon.

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I know how difficult this must be for you.


I'm not much heavier than you.


Casualties are said to total up to 1,000.

The employees want to form a union.

This is my first time contributing to Tatoeba, so I'm a little nervous.. please be kind with me.


Will you please come to my party?

They say that she'll get married soon.

Troll Wall is the tallest European vertical rock wall. It rises a mile from the ground, of which 3,300 feet is a vertical cliff.

After the war, the diligence and the saving of the Japanese gave an impression which is strong in the American.

I am afraid it's too late.

I fell over it and broke my leg

Alexander called Eddy to ask why she wasn't at the party.

For some reason or another - probably because she got angry - she started hitting me.

How many times has Murthy called?


Kelly didn't trust Alvin as much as she trusted him.


I'll see her around.

You're welcome!

The table doesn't take up much room.

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Which films are showing now?


It's a fantastic story.

Good day! You are our new neighbor, if I am not mistaken?

People in general are against the new law.

Your brother said you'd gone to Paris.

Did you know that you were wearing odd socks?

I had a good time, too.

I hope Brent will get well soon.

You're working hard today.

Art must've gone out.

That would be dumb.

It wouldn't be fair.

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I've got to warn Tommy.

I never feel the cold.

It's like he has this special skill of hitting pressure points.

I don't see him much.

How does Philippe know that?

That's very personal.

I had to do it by myself.

I should've known Turkeer was behind this.

Would you recognize Herman if you saw him?

All men are equal before God.

Please, wash your hands.

He leads a happy life in his hometown.

Cathryn didn't really do a very good job.

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I am rinsing the linen.

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She couldn't find the words to express herself.

Can I offer a suggestion?

Victor was surprised by what he learned in sex education class.

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That was my idea.

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Hui grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.

Let's talk about basketball.

The secret of influencing people lies not so much in being a good talker as in being a good listener.

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Two of the most important things you can have in your life are friendships and dreams.

We bagged a wild bird.

She's just like you.

Cindy is really good at telling jokes.

Who doesn't admire them?


The new contract enables us to demand whatever we want.

Thanks to the arrangements made by Ken'ichi, the women found various places to work around town.

Your dreams are almost as twisted as my nightmares.

Masanao starts work on Monday.

Then little Gerda was very much frightened, and began to cry, but no one heard her except the sparrows.

Which cap is yours?

What's your favorite time waster?


Hundreds of boys are playing in the ground.

Notwithstanding the objections made by some of the corporations party to this arbitration, the committee has decided to remunerate the victims of the accident, as well as cover any medical expenses they may incur.

Men will sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony.

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Marion left this morning.

She tried to touch the golden crane.

Why are you going in costume this year?

I hope he doesn't die.

The electrode melted and mixed with the steel.


That's all I could find.

If you are capable of doing good for someone then do not hold back.

Jisheng's father was a school custodian.

Reading of literature nourishes the mind.

It was so hot that I got into the shade and took a rest.

Are there other Berbers contributing to Tatoeba?

I cannot lend this book to you.

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I like history.

The prisoner was given his freedom.

Fill the bucket with water.

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My name is known by everyone in our town.


I was sympathetic.


You can't seriously expect that they won't recognize you in that disguise. That lopsided, dime store moustache is a dead giveaway!

Tobias is a little upset.

I can't adopt your view.

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I don't know how, but I just picked it up naturally.

Please make three copies of this page.

The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.

Spudboy was shot by a policeman.

Sofoklis helped the teacher decorate the classroom for Valentine's Day.

We may not be able to afford it.

Could you give us an example, please?

Where did you find that strange thing?

She just came back from the restroom.

Does it hurt?

Winnie was increasingly isolated of his circle of friends.