Quad Jam 2018


JESSICA COWLE EXECUTIVE EDITOR On Apr. 21, 2018, Manhattanville held their annual Quad Jam, which included live music from dance teams, acapella groups, and the…

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JESSICA COWLE EXECUTIVE EDITOR In January of 2018, associate professor Shawn Bible stepped up as the Chair of the Dance and Theater Department (DTH). Bible…

Men’s Lacrosse Makes Manhattanville History


MICHAEL BRABAZON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF On Saturday Apr. 28, the Manhattanville College men’s lacrosse team defeated the Delaware Valley Aggies 16-14 to secure their first MAC Freedom…


Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

MIKE BRABAZON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Cities, states, and nations across the globe have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. In 2012 Colorado and Washington became the first…

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PED’s in Professional Baseball

CHRISTOPHER COLOSI SPORTS EDITOR Performance enhancing drugs in sports have always been something that is difficult to monitor. Almost any drug that will make you…

Silent and Deadly: A Quiet Place Review

Silent and Deadly: A Quiet Place Review

Kate Imperato STAFF WRITER ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆—While certainly not perfect, still damn good and incredibly suspenseful Typically, A Quiet Place is not my…

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Ella Baker Day


JAMES MCTIGHE STAFF WRITER On Apr. 11, 2018, Manhattanville College got the opportunity to take part in a campaign that has increasingly spread across the…

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A Reflection on Designing Memory


Katherine Matuszek COPY EDITOR Manhattanville College hosted its anticipated event, Designing Memory on Tuesday Apr. 17, 2018. With numerous attendees, the event can count as…

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