We Create Smart,
Principled Partnerships.

Long Ridge provides growth capital and strategic support to companies that are transforming financial and business technology.

Capital is just
the first step.

Investment alone only gets you so far. Long Ridge partners with world-class management teams to realize the full potential of their companies.

Our Success

I didn’t need capital; I needed a partner. Long Ridge has been that partner—helping us take our firm to the next level…

—Ron Carson, Carson Group

We work as a team; LR support—perspective, analytical resources to help us understand our business and seize opportunities in a structured, strategic manner.

—Marques Torbert, Ametros Financial

Emphasis on entire lifecycle, successful exit; perhaps on becoming a personal investor in the Fund

—Alfred Eskandar, Portware

Professionalize the business, think differently about what was possible and commercial success.

—Tyler Moeller, Broadway Technology
Success, by the numbers.
Our principals have led 25 investments that have returned more than $1bn in realized value through either an acquisition or IPO.
Founder-owned businesses
Average compounded annual revenue growth since investment.
Total jobs created across portfolio companies in the last five years.
Strategic add-on acquisitions.
In assets under management.