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Charlotte is a warm town and Bennett Park is cradled in the center of that hearth. I call it a pit-stop park as it’s right next to all sorts of fun things to do. The fairgrounds next door are erupting with the thunder of monster trucks, while a couple of […]


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A stellar soul sample and a smooth flow make for great listening. Waylen Dottery is out of Ypsilanti and as I look through his social media I can tell he has a respect of Hip-Hop culture. No mumble rap here. I don’t know if he is doing music as a […]

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Welcome to Rumpusland House Playlist

Rumpusland.com is finally live so I threw together a House playlist to celebrate. Starts deep and ends electro. I intend to post more Spotify hosted playlists in the future as well as my own mixes. Coming up later this week…. Trap!


Common Ground Music Festival ’17 Playlist

Big Sean’s return to Lansing, MI has gotten me pretty excited. Fetty Wap is just some filler but I’m sure I’ll be drunk enough to enjoy it. Twista is playing on another stage so if times conflict Twista obviously takes priority, he’s a legend.  My buddy has a story of […]



The zombies out of left field are a surprising fit on this indie beat. A Laced Odyssey was one of my favorite albums of 2016 and I’m always excited for new music. Erick the Architect produces all their trippy beats while still having a great rap flow and rhymes.