I like fresh air.

That wasn't the intent.

He can speak eight languages.

Can we stop at my place?

That was when I was in the first year at high school, so 17 years have passed since then.

I remember being on a ship when I was only five years old.

My father warned me against crossing the road.

He didn't have MMR shots in Japan.

I go to the dentist every second day.

Panzer was warm.

He wants to apply for Jobseeker's Allowance.

Our city is known for its beauty all over the world.

Pioneer 10 returned the first close-up pictures of Jupiter, measured the temperature of Jupiter's atmosphere, and mapped its magnetic field.

They would not let him write anything.

Toufic has trouble hearing.

Danny said Cory was a bad influence.

Whenever Kelvin gets drunk, she ends up doing crystal meth for the next three days.

She's in big trouble.

Many peasants died during the drought.


Neil was trying not to laugh.


He never really got over her death.


Where are you going to be?

Donal is still determined.

Hold good.


We've done a lot of work around here.

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Let's just do it.


She was aching to go to the party.

What's your favorite movie this year?

Police has at last had a break in the investigation.


My parents tried to convert me to their way of thinking.


I'm feeling really grumpy. I guess it's PMS.


Hi. How are you doing?


How is this dish made?

I want to make amends for my behavior.

Jussi often takes a walk before dinner.

Nobody wanted to mention my country.

He has shown an apt for mathematics.

Are you Japanese?

Could you wrap this separately, please?

Please, take some!

Boxers have to weigh in before a fight.

Why don't you pull over and take a rest for a while?

Just a moment - there's someone at the door.

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He has many enthusiastic supporters.

Raanan and his dog sleep in the same room.

Breakfast is at half past nine.

Don't talk down to me.

I'm going to live my life, with or without her.

She put her head against his chest.

A string on my guitar broke.

He was very confusing.

Winnie was pleased.

Mikey said he wouldn't do it.

He didn't believe Ben's words.

You're looking good!

The bribery scandal created a backlash overseas.

Clem noticed Old's bed hadn't been slept in.

He gets hives when he eats eggs.

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Ami was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

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I was a little thrown.

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Julie looks like he might start crying.

You must work faster.

I went to Kyoto, where I happened to see her.


I think we should call her.


His parents loved me.

I came to know the man who is now my husband through e-mail; from an acquaintanceship started in that odd way before a month had passed we found ourselves resolving to get married.

Do you like opera?

Here's where you can shower.

I plan to help Kikki with his experiment.


Jefferson's Bible gives us a preaching Jesus of distinctly human dimensions, without miracles or resurrection.

The table is not in the bedroom.

I'd like to improve my Hungarian skills.

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I didn't want to come, but I had no choice.


Statesmen of this kind are hard to find.

If Molly asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

The composer Johann Sebastian Bach died in the year 1750.

You've already given yourself away.

A hot wind is blowing in from the south.

The bright colors arrested our eyes.

A bad habit is easily acquired.

I used to sit up late at night listening to the radio.

He responded kindly to the question.

Roxanne wouldn't be here if he didn't have to be.

It was not easy to get a lot of money in a short time.

The lawyer found a loophole in the law.

It's hard for me to handle so much pressure.


It won't be long before we can travel to the moon.

Though Jane is not a good runner, she can swim very fast.

Janos can't afford to lose any more money.

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She stood looming down at him, attacking him for indolence and irreverence, blasphemy and ignorance while waving her umbrella.

You were lucky that you didn't get caught in the rain.

Heinz's winning.

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Would that make a difference?

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Many scientists live in this small village.

Saqib is my uncle.

Did you book accommodation at the hotel?

She went from London to Paris.

I'm not crazy. You're the one who's crazy.

His son is lazy and good for nothing.

I'm afraid to fall.


I just don't think I can do it.

Why would I give you my phone number?

The boy was fed up with being treated as a burden.

How many people are involved?

I'll take care of the rest.

Did they buy the juice?

Matt and Pierce walked down the hall, side by side.


Can you spare me a few minutes? I'd like to have a word with you.


The human life is a journey.

Lansing is the state capital of Michigan.

These boxes are made out of plastic.


Is there much food in the refrigerator?

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Which is easier, this book or that book?

She accompanied her speech with gestures.

I told you to stay away from my daughter.

Where does this trail go?

I stole one.

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He's just evil.

Norma isn't helping any.

I borrowed one.

The cellar-door flew open with a booming sound.

It's because he lived in the United States for five years.

He is clever, no doubt, but he is cold, too.

What are you having?

The summer grass covers the ground.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning.

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First, swallow one dose of barium.


I'd buy one of those.

Regrettably, he lacks the financial wherewithal to run a presidential campaign.

Marek slept more than twelve hours yesterday.

Beth's not at all sure.

Luis likes singing.

I'll see you after class.

Hume and Po knew each other.

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I just went to check something.

I'd better warn Ernest.

Solar storms next year could prove disastrous for the electrical grid.

Students who want to major in physics ought to have a sufficient knowledge of mathematics.

Omar has a perfect record.

That's indeed curious.

Bucky doesn't want to be here.


He stubbornly persisted in his opinion.

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Could we sit?


He weighed the stone in his hand.

Everyone's laughing.

There are many urgent things to do.

Ramneek doesn't often make mistakes.

I exchanged some yen for dollars at the bank.


The doctor told Mr. Smith to give up smoking.


Is it true that you chewed tobacco?

You've never cared about anyone but yourself.

I'm going to go tomorrow no matter what.

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Someone's going to hurt you.


I don't remember having had any toys when I was young.

I like writing novels more than reading them.

I would not go if it rains tomorrow.

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He married directly after he left the university.

Technology is always changing.

His idea was imprinted on my mind.