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About Us

About Us

Cubber Pay is a part of Cubber Technologies PVT LTD. Which is one of the best Payment app/website. The services are provided to customers as well as merchants are various utility payments all over the country.

Use Cubber Pay to pay your Mobile recharge whether it’s prepaid or postpaid. Payment of Gas bills, Water bill, Electricity bill, Broad bands, Landlines, DTH, Data card, Municipal tax and Insurance premium was never been easy before.

Cubber Pay is connected to nearly 50+ Lac merchants and stores across India, so use Cubber Pay while shopping by turning into a smart buyer and going cashless. Also you can buy Gold on Cubber Pay by using your Cubber pay wallet.

Cubber Pay has a purpose to connect all organized and unorganized divisions to make digital payments. It is a secure and swift way of payment which is easy to use for all merchants and customers.

The Digital payment of QR code is a new way to do payments with hasten. Also Cubber pay has an option of nearby which will let you know the convenient merchant related to Cubber pay.

Our team of Cubber Pay is always willing to help their customers with every unique components and with smallest details of app/website.

Our Terms & Conditions

The Cubber Technologies Private Limited having its enlisted office at (Address). The words Account/Wallet will with the end goal of this understanding mean and incorporate Cubber Pay wallet or record held by the Customer for benefiting the administrations of Cubber Pay.

The words We/Us/Our will with the end goal of this affirmation mean and incorporate Cubber Pay.

The words Customer/User/You/Applicant will with the end goal of this assention mean and incorporate "Client". The utilization of Cubber Pay Account and Services by the Customer will be liable to acknowledgment of the terms and conditions as nitty gritty thus beneath ("Terms and Conditions").

By applying for utilization of Cubber Pay Wallet, the Customer recognizes that the Customer has perused, comprehended and consents to be bound by these Terms and Conditions characterized hereunder and as might be altered now and again by the Bank and/or Cubber Pay.


  1. "Account Opening Form"/"AOF" will mean the frame that Cubber Pay may require to be filled by qualified Customer recorded with the end goal of "KYC" alongside important supporting archives at Agent areas as well as such different areas as might be hinted by Cubber Pay every once in a while, for profiting Cubber Pay Services.
  2. "Know Your Customer/KYC" will mean the different standards, guidelines, laws, rules and norms issued by RBI every once in a while under which Cubber Pay might be required to get individual ID refinements alongside supporting archives from the Customer. Such data or reports might be required at the season of accommodation of AOF and additionally at a later date, for benefit as well as continuation of the Cubber Pay Wallet.
  3. "Agent/s" will mean the retail operators selected by Cubber Pay to help the enrolment procedure of an Applicant and to encourage the exchanges of Cubber Pay Wallet.
  4. "Applicant" will mean a distinct individual over the age of 18 (eighteen) years, who wish to utilize Cubber Pay Wallet.
  5. "Business Correspondent" or "BC" will mean approved business journalist of the YES bank Ltd for case Cubber Pay and wherever seemly, will consolidate its Agents.
  6. "Bill Payment" will mean the exchanges wherein the Customer utilizes Cubber Pay to make installments towards service charges, vendor installments and other such bill installments.
  7. "Bank" will mean The YES bank Limited, an organization consolidated under the Companies Act, 1956 and a sparing funds organization inside the importance of Banking Regulations Act, 1949.
  8. "Charges" will mean all charges relating to the Transactions and all the more especially determined in provision 12 in this regard.
  9. "Customer" will mean an Applicant who is observed to be qualified by the Bank or Cubber Pay to utilize Cubber Pay Wallet according to RBI directions and has opened a versatile wallet Account. With the end goal of this assention the words you/User/Beneficiary, will have indistinguishable importance from doled out to Customer.
  10. "Force Majeure Event" will have the significance credited to it in statement 21 in this regard.
  11. "Cubber Pay Wallet" or "Payment Account" will mean the semi shut instrument issued by The YES bank Ltd and which is co-marked with Cubber Technologies PVT. Ltd as virtual installment account involving one reloadable installment instrument which can be applied on site or vendor site(s) (a) to make down payment for products and ventures acquired through traders (b) for switch of assets from one customer(s)installment record to another installment record or (c) for some other purposes as might be indicated every now and then.
  12. "Merchant/Merchant Establishment" will mean and incorporate any outlet/specialist organization who have been approved by Cubber Pay to acknowledge installment for merchandise or administrations utilizing Cubber Pay Wallet.
  13. "Mobile Application(s)" will mean the product application(s) which entomb further, empowers Cubber Pay account through the cell phone.
  14. "Mobile PIN" will mean a mystery secret word that would empower the Customer to anchor get to and work their Cubber pay Account.
  15. "Cubber Pay Account" will mean and incorporate Cubber Pay Wallet.
  16. "Cubber Pay Services" or "Administrations" will mean utilization of Cubber Pay Wallet and incorporate versatile/DTH revive; obtaining administrations, installment of bills, travel booking, installment for on the web and disconnected shopping and such different administrations which might be added now and again (all such administrations are separately or aggregately are alluded as Service or Services as they case might be).
  17. "RBI" will mean the Reserve Bank of India.
  18. "RBI Guidelines" will mean the material rules, directions, notices and guidelines issued by RBI in connection to the issuance and activity of installment instruments in India and assignment of Cubber Pay Account and transportable wallet Services and every single other rule and guidelines comprehensive of their particular changes as might be issued and advised by RBI now and again including The Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 and controls made there under.
  19. "Single-Sign-On Services" will mean the administrations given by Cubber Pay to Customers through Cubber Pay Wallet, or something else. For shirking of uncertainty, the Cubber Pay Balance is issued by YES bank yet can be gotten to through Single-Sign-On Services.
  20. "Threshold Balance" will mean similar counts as might be inflexible by Cubber Pay every now and then, well beyond which the Customer will have the alternative to exchange cash with respect to the Cubber Pay Wallet to Cubber pay Wallet as far as Clause 13.
  21. "Transaction/s" will base any prestige or charge of cash settles in the Customer's versatile wallet Account including however not constrained to cash exchange installments and receipts, installments for products and ventures, utility installments, stores and withdrawals.
  22. "Website" will mean the site pay.cubber.in and some other site as might be informed by Cubber Pay which are possessed, built up and kept up by Cubber Pay.


  1. All references to solitary incorporate plural and the other way around and "incorporates" ought to be translated as "without restriction".
  2. Words bringing in any genderincorporate the other gender.
  3. Reference to the Terms and Conditions will mean and incorporate the Terms and Conditions of Cubber Pay Wallet.
  4. Reference to any rule, mandate or other law incorporates all controls and different instruments and all combinations, corrections, re-establishments or substitutions for now in power.
  5. All headings, intense composing and italics (assuming any) have been embedded for comfort of reference just and don't characterize limit or influence the importance or understanding of these Terms.

Privacy Policy

Cubber Technologies Private limited is focused on making certain the before long conspicuous information of buyers of its things and organizations. To control the Administrations, Cubber Pay should assemble and support bound Individual information.

This Security Strategy applies to your use of the Administrations by recommends that of workstation through Computer, mobile phone or devices or motivation behind offer terminals (everything thought of "apparatus") and is in subject of change at whatever point, that Cubber Pay could communicate reviving this Protection Arrangement on Cubber Pay's site.

This Protection Approach is circulated according to the game plans of Standard 4(1) of the learning Innovation (Sensible Security Practices and Methodology and Delicate Individual information or Data) Guidelines, 2011 which needs the appropriating of an assurance procedure for treatment of or overseeing in preparing to home learning together with unstable individual information or information of the customers/customers.

What Individual information will Cubber Pay assemble after you use the Administrations?

When you open a Cubber Pay Record, Cubber Pay assembles and stores Individual information that will combine the name, email address, adaptable assortment, date of birth; particular positive distinguishing proof per OVD, a mystery word that you just make and a private conspicuous confirmation assortment that you basically make at that point on.

Cubber Pay, Card establishments, portion processors, and monetary organizations get Individual information after you make or recognize a portion, which can be like manner fuse the going with: total; date; trade delineation, together with the names of the purchaser and furthermore the merchandiser and trade territory; last four digits of card used; and endorsement code issued by the cardboard Installment Processor.

Cubber Pay won't assemble any information with the exception of whenever affirmed by this Protection Strategy, A comprehension between the customer and Cubber Pay, or by any law till any notice in power.

What Individual information will Cubber Pay uncover and to whom?

Cubber Pay won't contribute any preparing to home or sensitive information to any outside relationship aside from if the equal is necessary to engage Cubber Pay to control organizations (to buyers or colleagues) or to enable end of a bona fide trade or for stating which could be fundamental or required per relevant law or according to the terms and conditions satisfactory to such learning as assented to with Cubber Pay. Cubber Pay could reveal learning in regards to buyers as well as business relates as permitted or required by law.

Cubber Pay doesn't give your own information to rogue for promoting capacities while not endeavoring to locate your prior approval. Cubber Pay can investigate for yourconcur before using or sharing Individual information under any circumstances past the need that it totally was toward the begin assembled. Cubber Pay could share your own information to various outcasts inside the related circumstances:

  1. among Cubber Pay or with any of its reinforcements, partners, benefit shippers, affirmed pariah masters, or transitory workers set in any bit of the globe for the inspirations driving information preparing, limit, immovability retrieval, remunerate reason drove comes or to direct A requested organization or trade, inside the wake of ensuring that such substances region unit authoritatively beyond any doubt by information security responsibilities.
  2. speech exposition of non-open information to the police, standard setting or authorizedaides identifying with any alleged criminal offense or related crack with this Security Approach or surely the Terms and Conditions or more often than not wherever required by law and that we can partake with any law execution masters or court arrange posturing for or directing Joined States to reveal the character of or see anyone breaking this Protection Strategy or ordinarily for the restricting activity or distinguishing proof of bad behavior or the doubt or arraignment of wrongdoers;
  3. Helping a working environment in attempted learning for us;
  4. If another affiliation is quick in by Joined States to perform endeavors for our advantage;
  5. For explanation behind consistence with an audit on our business;
  6. In occurrence of a merger or association with another association;
  7. In pleasant certainty on the off probability that it's rudimentary for any genuine methodology underneath the significant law, or once required by a get together body or diverse pro, work environment or officer to affirm the peppy or security of buyers of the situating generally on pursue distinctive legal responsibilities.
  8. To gather steerage from untouchables, for instance, analysts or legal advocates.
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