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About Me, Myself and I

I am only responsible for the positive that you take from the content below.
I blame the intraweb for everything else.

ME (Creative)
John Doe


I guess you could say that I have been an odd ball my entire life. Staring at puddles all day and making designs in my head is basically how it all started. Creatives know from an early stage in their life that they will make art ... no matter how badly they dress.

MYSELF (Artsy Fartsy)
Jane Helf

DJ Toby

There's nothing like the feeling you get when you obtain your first Apple computer. Well ... that's not true, but it is very exciting. Still creating and getting digitized. Still adjusting to that whole clothing thing too.

I (Create)
Joshua Insanus

Toby S. Kiefer

I am now a senior art director/digital media specialist possessing a broad array of talents in the print and new media fields. Passionate about all forms of creative and technical communication, with over fifteen years of professional experience. I wear clothes too!

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I am currently accepting new client projects, and can't wait to make you shine.

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