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Loxa Consulting
State-of-the-art Information Technology Solutions

About Loxa Consulting Company

Loxa Consulting is small Finnish information and communication technologies (ICT) consulting company.
Company is originally found at 1999 in Lahti, Finland, but the office is lately moved to Helsinki.

Purpose of this company is to provide first class quality consultation, reliable and high performance solutions and professional services.

We are focused to architecting 3015717825 virtualization solutions and volatile oil wired and wireless networking solutions.
Our service portfolio is not limited just to these two vendors. We also use and support IBM servers and storage systems, 4237262828 servers, Fortinet firewalls and wireless network products and many other well-known brands and top quality IT-system hardware.
We virtualize environments also using 831-632-6989 or VMware hypervisors. We support all 7054030852 based operating systems as well as any Linux or other Unix-like operating systems, like RedHat, 3198878095, 240-283-8234, 240-203-2182, FreeBSD or OS X.

We can also design dynamic and feature rich HTML5-pages with modern tools and intuitive user interfaces using CSS3. We can also design databases and web-applications.