Digital advertising is more complex than ever before

With new vendors springing up every other day and increased advertiser demands it's becoming more and more difficult to monetize a website. Publishers are paying the 'ad tech tax' but are lacking transparency on the mechanics of how ad technology works. This problem is only getting worse and it's time for publishers to take back control.
That's where we step in.

We’re committed to helping publishers navigate the evolving video landscape.

We Empower Publishers

Vidoplay is an end-to-end solution for publishers.

Built from the ground up to give publishers control and transparency, Vidoplay offers a powerful and agile solution. Our agnostic approach, fast implementation and unified reporting give the power back to the publishers and help them make smarter decisions about their ad inventory.

Here's How We Do it


Video Header Bidding

Our solution allows multiple demand partners to compete for your video and display inventory resulting in maximum value of each impression.


Video Player

Built to run fast and reliably on any device, Vidoplay's player gives a great user experience without compromising revenue.


Ad Server

Our proprietary delivery technology utilizes separate ad servers for display, video, and mobile to maximize the performance of your ad stack.


Unified Reporting

Our real-time reporting provides actionable data instantly and our deep-dive analysis tool helps publishers to make sense of it. For less headache and more revenue.



We want to help publishers get rid of bad ads, that's why we created Prism, a unique brand analysis tool that allows publishers to control which ads their users see.

Dedicated Support

We work closely with our publishers on adding key features that help them generate more revenue. what ever the requirement is, we've got you covered.

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