The Leader in Black Liberation


The struggle is not against our fellow man, nor our brothers and sisters...

The struggle is against the evils of Greed, Hate, and Deception. When men are possessed by these powers, they will turn against humanity and become beast of sole survival and they will strike the masses using the fist of oppression.

Love and unity are more powerful than the oppressor's tools and are God-given by nature. We are free-born and our might is governed by the natural laws of life and inspiration of the All Mighty. Our duty is to resist all forms of oppression unto the dawn of true liberation.

Individual Laws of Humanity

  1. You owe no man nothing but to love them.
  2. You were born free and live to serve no man.
  3. You were born free to speak.
  4. You were born free to eat and drink.
  5. You were born to learn about anything your eyes see, freely.
  6. You do not have to fear no man.
  7. You are free to reproduce children.


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