Merat lowered himself into the water.

Bill, don't go there!

Barney had other work to do.

I'm going home next week.

Are you ready now?

Canada and Mexico are both located along the US borders.

I fell in love with him.

That child was happy to get the gift.

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Some things are better left undone.

Patrick knew that Patricia was innocent.

I have a feeling that something important is going to happen.

What would you rather have at Christmas? Ham or turkey? Neither one, I'm vegan.

This is Pierrot's sister.

The collards that you gave me yesterday were delicious.

Lorien used to be easygoing.


I wrote last week to Mr. Wood and I asked him to give you a job on the farm.

I recommend learning about edible plants that are native to your area.

He threw me to the dogs, the wretch!


You seem excited.

"Why?" That was the simple question everyone was asking themselves.

I'm teaching.


Marie painted.


We can tell her later.

If you convey to a woman that something ought to be done, there is always a dreadful danger that she will suddenly do it.

Can you make her smile?

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You didn't let me finish.

Belinda did everything Heinrich did.

Maria should has done all of them on her own.


You don't deserve to be spoken to.


Was it really necessary to change the front wing?

This time it worked.

Many writers desire to look into the eyes of their works' translators.


You're truthful.


Ahmed is a student.

The Shetland Islands are part of the United Kingdom.

Jerome looks disturbed.


Lester practices martial arts.

Linder could no longer control himself.

We want to get more information.

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Is Andrew near you?

I don't want to bore you by repeating things you already know.

I can't take it home.

Isidore has done some time.

If you'd told me about it earlier, I could've been free. However, tomorrow I have plans to go back home.

Did you give it to him?

I don't think I snore, but I'm not really sure.

Vladislav sat down to dinner with his family.

Some Jews are accustomed to reading the book of Esther on Purim.

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He held up his hands.

The arguments can be disruptive at work.

Let's all get back to work.

Phiroze is trying to figure things out.

Crying as if his heart would break, the Marionette mourned for hours over the length of his nose.

Lievaart isn't the one who helped me.

How is this teacher?

For them, it has to be a larger number.

I heard you were having problems at the office.

Last year in Nagoya I ate a very delicious dish called "Shoujin Ryouri".

Sally and Val know each other well.

I was truly astonished.

Are you quitting your job?


There is little time left.

I didn't like what he said at all.

The trucks had failed the inspection, but the drivers took them out anyway.


He went to bed early but did not go to sleep until almost 2 in the morning.

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The constellation once shone.


That sukiyaki dinner was a real treat.

Rajendra expressed some skepticism.

Teresa hasn't been totally honest with you.

Donnie and Lisa held hands as they skated around the rink.

He argued me into going.

I heard that there were alligators in the sewers.

I can do that for him.

Put your mask on.

It'll be a big occasion.


I think I'll go back to sleep.


That last round of chemo really sapped his energy.

Watch the front.

Philip wants to get ripped.

Once she arrives, we can start.

I live in Osaka.

We've got a serious problem here.

I'll tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself.

Roxane was proven right.

Tickets are available for free at the information desk.

Jon didn't speak a word all night long.

The interpreter gives emphasis to the last answer.

Marnix is quite a guy, isn't he?

And I said, My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me! The treacherous have dealt treacherously; yea, the treacherous have dealt very treacherously.

I think you should talk to her.

Which do you usually drink, wine or beer?

I hid the bracelet in a shoe in my closet.

Juan's the first to admit that, without Bert, he'd probably be in jail, or worse.

Can't you do that on your own?

Although Donna attended Harvard business school, he never went to its library.

How tall is your little brother?

Please look into this matter as soon as you can.


A stranger came up to you and asked you the time.


I've been going over the inventory.


Barry did the same thing.


The question is by no means easy.

That could be a problem.

Did you see them leave?

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I can't think of anything I'd rather eat.

They're just talking shit.

I don't want to talk about love.


I haven't talked to them yet.

I'm happy that you were able to come to my party.

This bus stops at all railway crossings.


Let things take their own course.

Amedeo always seems to know what to do.

Wendy says he doesn't remember doing that.

I was glad to hear of your success.

He threw the ball.

Are there any questions?

Paul is a natty dresser.

The barbers around here are not good.

Let's make that much very fucking clear!

I didn't ask for it.

The Senate decreed that a new consul be chosen and the country be delivered from the enemies.


Jarmo enjoys hanging out with Andrew.

His escape from prison was well planned.

Rhonda and Laurel are no longer friends.


I carried out an analysis that showed that it would need much more money than they had previously anticipated.

It looked fantastic.

The sun sets in the west.

I won't leave without her.

We'd like to see a wine list.


We aren't going to have an office Christmas party this year.

How can I get rid of him?

We went to Gifu.

He is rarely, if ever, late for appointments.

You've been suspended.

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I would like to see Kylie Minogue.

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They've stopped selling those.

Don't smoke while you are on duty.

His strength slowly declined.

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The barn was empty.

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We'll never have to do this again.

John played the guitar and his friends sang.

It's an abuse of power.

Many people work in this field now.

I think there's no point in trying to convince him.

You just need to reset the breaker. Hurry up!

Does Tony study after dinner?


The doctors wore white masks over their mouths and noses.

That man is a heavy debtor.

I'm waiting for a train.


We were very surprised.


We'll never be able to get past the guards.

The unhappy event made him put an end to himself.

I'll give you anything you ask for.

Carolyn takes himself too seriously.

The bus has just left.

Maybe I don't love you.

Jean-Pierre doesn't want to know what I think.


That couldn't be true.

Dan was on the loose.

The budget was cut to the bone.

I thought Claude was going to take us to see Laurent.

This can't go on.

I needed to be sure he'd come here.

Kill me! Kill me! Kill all of me!