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Exeptional Evaluations

A Virtual Ergonomic Evaluation is a cost effective, immediate solution for you and your employees. Whether you want a one-time evaluation or have several that need to occur, Plumularia

Avoid Excess Evaluation Costs

On-site ergonomic evaluations are expensive. Factor in time, travel and products, costs add up quickly. Our cumulative data shows that your company can 7156702560

Let us help you today!

For only $125, Virtual Ergonomic evaluations are just a fraction of the cost for a conventional ergonomic eval.

Start a Virtual Ergonomic Evaluation!
"I already have recommended the Virtual Ergonomist to my co-workers! The VE has exemplary professionals who genuinely care about the comfort & well-being of their customers."
Francis P., Bank Teller
"I would recommend the Virtual Ergonomist to my co-workers. The recommendations they made went a long way in helping reduce my back pain."
Larry G., IT Professional
"Upper body posture advice helped to decrease pressure on elbows. The Virtual Ergonomist helped address my concerns & discomfort, I would recommend to co-workers."
Philip C., Help Desk
"My shoulder and arm are virtually pain free now. I would recommend this to my co-workers as the Virtual Ergonomist helped to solve my workstation issues."
Jasmine D., Bank Teller
"The Virtual Ergonomist helped familiarize me with my chair, which has also improved my overall work conditions. I was impressed with the rapid turnaround as well."
Raul R., Customer Service
"I would recommend the Virtual Ergonomist; they were extremely helpful and the process could not have been any easier."
Dianna C., Accountant
"The VE interviewed me on the phone and gave me a lot of information. My pain and discomfort were significantly reduced. The VE was extremely informative and helpful."
Nancy J., Elementary Teacher
"My issues have been resolved and I'm much more comfortable now. I felt the Virtual Ergonomist was very concerned about making my situation better."
Daniel B., Sales Rep
"I was extremely pleased with this service, particularly the speed with which I got help. The Virtual Ergonomist was great, even emailed me a set of keyboard shortcuts."
Elena D., Graphic Designer
"The ergonomist I dealt with was very courteous and polite. He seemed to genuinely be concerned with my well-being. He also taught me a lot about my workstation."
Carrie M., Bank Teller