Clara Clock

Billerica, MA USA

The Stec Records "Clara Clock" shows the current day of the week, date and time in large, easy to read fonts.

Example: Click to open the Clara Clock page

Update 3/26/2017 - Added a user editable message area with buttons to pick text color and size. The user clicks the [type here] area and uses their computer keyboard to change the message. i.e."Happy Birthday"

Update 11/10/2017 - Now available at "".

New Music

"I managed to do some audio recording with my iPad using the Line6 Sonic Port VX mic/audio interface at the beach this summer including a few songs on the guitarleylie (a 6 string uke). Enjoy. Bob "

Budget Calculator

Billerica, MA USA

This is a simple on-line tool for calculating a budge for gigs and other events.

Screen shot/link to the Budget Calculator

Virtual MPX G2 Help Panel

Billerica, MA USA is pleased to announce the release of a new on-line help tool for the Lexicon MPX G2 guitar effects processor. The tool is a virtual front panel for the G2 that provides information about each button, knob, display and LED on the front panel when you interact with it. See the "Help-panel for the MPX G2" page.

Help-panel for the MPX G2

Background image by Pauline Moss. at isogonal