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This is where projects can move from the creation/design phase into a funded reality. For ideas to be able to take form and become an attractive investment for private investors, national lenders and crowdfunding options they need some time and outside input to ‘gel’ into a well thought-out action plan.

Obtaining financing for an innovative project can be challenging and so this crowdfunding site may be of benefit to you. This is where you can formulate and pitch your project idea of an innovative product or project without jumping into a major crowdfunding campaign. Highly established crowdfunding sites, such as Kickstarter*, require a substantial commitment on your part, especially when it comes to marketing & “selling” your idea to crowdfunding investors.

This crowdfunding platform is about seeking financial help for your innovative project, absolutely, but also about obtaining assistance in the form of online design sessions, aka: Design Charrettes, to help you ‘flesh out’ your ideas in a collaborative online format.

This crowdfunding and private investor platform helps obtain financing for projects developed on the DesignCharrette.com project creation and collaboration communication platform. Projects to be funded on this platform must first be listed on DesignCharrette.com. 

PLEASE NOTE: This website is under construction.

*Kickstarter® is a registered, copyrighted name that is not affiliated in any way with DesignCharrette.fund (DCFund) – HOWEVER, projects developed on DCFund can be ported into Kickstarter® as an option.

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