After the trip, we felt very tired.

Toft is sloshed.


Entertainment on his planet meant doing multidimensional higher mathematics.

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I'd like to talk to you alone.


Old thinks he knows why.

Tell her to get in here.

The police officers arrested the burglar.

If you respect yourself, others will respect you.

My mother's sister is my aunt.


We have five days to go before the holidays.


There are two sides in each river.

Catch the ball.

Did you notice him leave the house?

Selene is the goddess of the moon.

I don't like confrontation.


He is holding up her work.

Angst is the fear of our own incapacity for peace.

He baited the trap for rabbits.


Everybody beats the fool.

Cristi couldn't help us.

I think he's making a big mistake by turning down the job.

Where is the assembly point?

Glynn wakes up at the crack of dawn every day.

Alan finished loading the truck.

Let's go to the hospital.

I think she's an honest woman.

I think I would've heard the door open if Duane had come in.

For the first month after the accident she could only drink liquids through a straw.

The murderer dumped the body in the lake.

Mechael may have made a few mistakes.

Get them something to drink.


Censorship is a terrible practice.


Brett shifted his hat.

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I don't think Murray and Donal recognized each other.

He told me a little secret about his mother.

Let him say what he will.

May I add a point?

Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict.

It wasn't true.

I don't really know what to say.


I want you to keep your promise.

Magnus wasn't a bit sleepy.

Do you really not like them?

I would rather talk to a nerd.

My father caught three fish yesterday.

Was Sue there?

We appreciate your cooperation.

What'll Clara do about it?

Morning, sleepyheads!

Gail isn't back from school yet.

To many Americans, a two-party political system seems natural.

She became rich by making ceramic pieces.

They're taking us for fools.


Can you see the snow-topped mountain?

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Good evening.

I have nothing to say to you.

How's the cold?

I heard someone on the street calling me.

I spent all day thinking about Danielle.


I told Christopher he didn't have to talk so loudly.


Who are you and why are you here?

Rolfe must've found out about the party from Sergio.

Let's not keep Brandon waiting.

How long have you lived in Sanda?

Jitendra and Nichael haven't done their homework yet.

Benson stayed to clean up.

Sharan ignored Arnold's email messages.

She remarried soon.

Birds often fly together.

I believe people in Boston will help.

I have to do something.


I have a good life now.

The bridge is supported by 10 posts.

I wash my apples.


Tony returned the shirt because it was too small.

Helen got off at the next stop.

Be there or be square.

Descriptions can be analysed in terms of the features mentioned.

Clay came out on the stage and started playing his guitar.

Tiny blossoms have come out all over the river bank.

Once any matter falls into a black hole, it disappears from the visible universe.

Are you up there?

We must abide by the rules of the game.


The worst thing about spring is the mud.

I'm still afraid of you.

She left her umbrella in the bus.

A minute has sixty seconds.

You're enjoying yourself.

I trust her.

If Jesus Christ was the being which those mythologists tell us he was, and that he came into this world to suffer, which is a word they sometimes use instead of 'to die,' the only real suffering he could have endured would have been 'to live.'


He would give an arm and a leg for that.

Would you like to sell your car?

I've got my guitar in the trunk of my car.


The climate here doesn't agree with me.

You and I are fairly evenly matched.

Courtney was unaware of what was happening.

Henry said you were really good at tennis.

I think I need to talk to you.

Laughing and talking, the children climbed the hill.

About one hundred and fifty dollars altogether.

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I must discuss that new plan with him.


I'm not angry at him.

He was frozen to death.

I wonder if I should warn Wolfgang.

I like steak rare, but not this rare.

Art wanted Stagger to learn French.

She flirted with him shamelessly.

A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.

He's picky about suits and ties.

We've already chosen.

Judge threatened to leave if he didn't get a raise.

Why doesn't she think about me anymore?

Is she better than me?

Where is the man?

If you study, you'll become an important person in the future.

Call me on Monday.


Can you speak up? I don't hear you.


Stanly wondered when the bombing would stop.


We came to the conclusion that he should be fired.


I wish I had more time to talk with you.

You know so much about him.

The train arrived ten minutes late.

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You can't master a foreign language in a short time; you have to study it step by step.

You did that on your own, didn't you?

The number of employees doubled in ten years.


I think we should talk.

You should be careful with Fletcher.

How high is this mountain?

You only have one life. Live it happily and successfully.

How many eggs do we need?

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My film has run out.

You wish!

He's a quick walker.

If I were young, I would go abroad.

What else does Emily want?


We all looked at them.


I'm not capable of finishing this work alone.

Give my love to your parents.

How about a walk on the beach?

Lucifer got up early so he could see the sunrise.

I thought you'd be busy getting ready for your trip.


I respect Dwight a lot.

With respect to financial matters, Mr. Jones knows more than anyone else in the company.

I give greetings to everyone.

Ro has already won.

How long's Archie had it?

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Loukas likes me the most.


Hillel hardly ever eats cucumbers.


If rain fails farmers will stop ploughing

Nothing can change that.

Do you have time to help me?

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I never want to go through that again.

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Why is Pratap mad at you?

William wants to kill you, Norbert.

Russell is a slow learner.

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He's young and single.


Wolfgang didn't have to say or do anything.

She stared at him with frightened eyes.

Barrio likes to play tennis.

I've gotten kind of used to doing things by myself.

Ian blinked.