I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze.

As far as he goes, he's not a good doctor.

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I'm sure Glenn meant no disrespect.

Let me take care of that for you.

Raif took Gregg's hands and held them tightly.

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He's working on his own behalf.

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That paper of his deal with environmental problems.

He set about his work.

My problem is I love Saumya, but she doesn't love me.

I was born to make you happy.

Will you please watch your language?

They were very poor.

I don't think that he knows Hebrew.

These cookies are soft and chewy.

The cinema was filled with people.


The old man lived in the three-room apartment.

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The household was already awake at 6 in the morning.

I should tell them, right?

We all laughed at his joke.

Hohn didn't have the courage to tell Radek that he had made a mistake.

I can't think of the name.

There was an explosive mixture in his head containing feelings of inferiority as well as visions of omnipotence.

Which is the most venomous snake in the world?

It was a fair game.

My marriage is over.


Can someone please delete this sentence? Thanks.


Something's bothering her.


This guitar belongs to me.


Why should I buy a new car?


Something did happen.

He is described as a moralist.

Something is changing.

I haven't heard a word from them in over four years.

I see Lindsay as cunning rather than clever.

Stop taking away my right to take away other people's right.

The magazine article said that the value of the yen would rise.

His company didn't survive the crisis.

I want a room with a view.

I don't need a new TV.

He will be wondering what we are doing.

I haven't heard from him since then.

I'm sure of your success.


As a child, my daughter had frequent asthma attacks.

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Is your wife still in America?

The crowd pressed toward the gate.

Bjorne stayed with Milner and John when he visited Boston.

I like Chinese and Japanese.

Oh, we're too late.

That girl looks very cute.

Hiroyuki tried to pull a fast one.

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There was a loud explosion.

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How do you manage not to love it?

The surgical removal of an ovary or ovaries is called an oophorectomy.

Fortunately he survived the accident.

Are you going by air or by train?

There were a lot of people who came to ask after the famous actress.


Your poor memory is due to poor listening habits.

I don't know the word "impossible".

We needed to add information about our products.


I don't know why I lied to him.

Perhaps the weather is fine.

We're going back to work.

Many Buddhists don't really need anything to read.

Creativity is the ability to combine known elements in a new and unusual way.

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We're fortunate to have Radek.

Stay on your toes, Marc.

How did he feel yesterday?


We were talking about Pratt.


A sale of quality-brand goods is being held at that department.

I finally found my way out of the confusing maze.

The church congregation was moved by the fine sermon.

Remember Sundaresan's advice.

I want to be more than friends.


Are you practical?

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Instead of her, her sister went with them.

We just landed.

Let's get in the house.


We regard him as a great man.

Sedovic just loves pineapple upside-down cake.

Take that back.

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I wrote that for him.

Don't they have anyone to look after them?

You've been so good to us.

This bad weather will affect the crops.

I didn't leave.


We're awfully sorry about what's happened.

You're the one who said you wanted to leave.

I thought maybe this could help.

He forgot it again.

I want to know why you don't like Barton.


I was okay.

She sat on a bench, humming an old melody in a low voice.

The day turned out wet.

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The dog follows me everywhere.

How long have you been looking for it?

Why don't people hibernate?

This restaurant is noted for its good food.

We kept them quiet.

Shean thinks he might have the answer.

There isn't a grain of truth in what he says.

Hope is a good thing as long as it doesn't stop someone from doing what's necessary.

Lynne and Pierre didn't agree on anything.

Rex had three dogs.

I met him about noon.

Maarten is unpleasant.

Rainer started to come in, but Alan stopped him.

What he said doesn't make sense to me.

Bea is a diehard Yankees fan, and rarely misses a home game.


Lawrence stroked Kate's hair.

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He would make everyone happy.

They're willing to do it.

You should take bus no. 5.

It's all going to be fine.

I feel cold. Do you mind closing the window?

The storm was accompanied with thunder.

She studies French, but I study Flemish.

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This is my favorite song on the album.

She takes pride in her high school.

I know that we can help.

Whenever and wherever I traveled with her, the people there thought she was my sister. Some even thought she was my daughter.

May I ask who you are?

We expect a lot from Peter.

Write your surname on the fourth line.

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One should have Job's patience to raise these children.

This pair of shoes doesn't fit me.

Give me the diamonds.

The publishers of that newspaper are very liberal.

Then I was made aware that snakes have no ears with which to hear.

Modern art has broken away from nineteenth century conventions.

There you go, you've now finished college.

My uncle has a flower shop near the station.

This medicine will do wonders for a stuffed nose.

I'm in a trance-like state.

The horse kicked at him when he approached it.

Give me a shawarma and a diet cola.

The doctor told me Srinivasan died in his sleep.

I know you're Suyog.

Thus our own Christmas fir was decked as a symbol of the celestial sun tree. The lights, according to Professor Schwartz, represent the flashes of lightning overhead, the golden apples, nuts and balls symbolize the sun, the moon and the stars, while the little animals hung in the branches betoken sacrifices made in gratitude to the sun god.

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We have some concerns.

He couldn't do such a thing.

Children should keep away from the river. It's dangerous.


Lowell ate a dozen doughnuts all by himself.

Suddenly, it looks bigger.

With this telescope, you can see stars and you can see dreams.

Nobody knows how the fire started.

None of this would've happened if you'd paid attention to what you were doing.

Max bought them each a camera.

Kate wasn't gone long.

Pick anything you like.

Let's hope Trent doesn't come.


They can't protect us forever.


"Either you'll tell the truth or..." "Or what? What will happen?"

Why didn't you say something before?

I'm worried about her.

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Would you stick around for a minute?

Wendi tossed the ball into the air.

He doesn't want you to lose a whole week.

We're giving you more money because you did a great job.

I really loved Joachim.


When translating sentences, we often get corrections by other users, so we improve our knowledge of the languages we already know.

All Jeanette does is watch TV.

I was there recently.


What's over there?