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Do you want to interact with your clients more? Do you want them to be more engaged with your venue? That they will come back often, stay longer, purchase more and will have more fun doing it ... Do you want to promote yourself in an interactive and entertaining way for everybody? You can achieve all of this with our products.

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Easy to create and customize localized presentation for your venue. Promote your bar, show discounts of the day, special ofers, upcoming events or even opening hours, history, contact information. Present your menu items with pictures and short descriptions instead of soap operas on the TV screens in your establishment. Customize the content anytime you want, from any place via our web administrative interface.


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Let customers interact with each other and you even more than usual. Provide them with local chat where customers can contribute. Let the customers vote for changes in the venue, like new beer, paintings, menu items so they know that their opinion matter. Create a community, where anybody can leave a message and learn opinion of the crowd. Upload artistic pictures or photos and let the customers choose the best one.