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Innovative New Approach to Increasing Fitness Club Membership Sales, While Generating Thousands of Dollars for Fundraising Organizations!

Fitness Fundraisers is a unique organization that brings non-profit fundraising groups together with a local fitness club to promote healthier, fitter communities, strong fitness businesses, while generating thousands of dollars for fundraising organizations.

Fitness Clubs! Selling fitness club memberships is a business we understand. We understand the challenges Fitness Facilities face in constantly generating qualified prospect traffic, the expense and complexity of traditional marketing tactics, and the ongoing need for increased membership sales! We also believe that local fitness facilities are an integral part of their community in not only promoting and supporting healthier lifestyles, but in being a supporter of their communities in general. As the sister business to Fitness Club Success, Fitness Fundraisers has the experience, resources, and a highly qualified team to help fitness clubs reach and break market barriers with this awesome turnkey Community Marketing program.

Fundraising Organizations! We also understand the importance of fundraising, and the challenges fundraising groups face in creating fresh new ideas to successfully raise money. Whether you're in need of school fundraising, sports fundraising, church fundraising, or any other type of non-profit fundraising, we can help you reach your goal. 

If you are tired of doing tedious car washes, bake sales, selling cookie dough, magazines, wrapping paper and so on, then you will love this innovative, new approach to fundraising. Through Fitness Fundraisers, a local participating fitness club donates a volume of 3 month passes to the club for your organization to sell during a 2 to 4 week campaign period, after which your organization simply keeps 50% of the sale proceeds! The passes are easy to sell, there are no cases of product to carry, and nothing that can perish. For simple fundraising ideas ... your campaign doesn't get much easier than this.

With all the talk in the media today about the benefits of leading a healthy, fit lifestyle, there is no better time than now to participate in the simple, easy, economical, win-win-win Fitness Fundraisers program!





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