She sent him a postcard from Boston.

Antonio won't have any problem getting the report finished on time.

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It is merely a matter of form.

She is disgusted with the job.

I'm still shopping around.

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She ran as fast as she could.

Can I call my friend in Japan?

After countless calls to the radio and countless newspaper ads in several consecutive days, people flocked to the festival. There are devoured tons of hamburgers that were offered there in abundance, and drunk liters of beer. As a result was a large number of drunks and thus, massive work for the legions of attending paramedics who had already acquired a huge experience of such mass gatherings at countless other parties.


My favorite sport is skiing.


Hohn was so confused he didn't know what day it was.


I cannot visit the museum. It's too late.

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Mrs. Jones counts sheep every night to go to sleep.


Both our food and water were running out.

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I just hope I didn't bore you with my story.

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Guido thought he saw a pattern.

I could never forgive myself if I did that.

I need an assistant who speaks French.


Dan lost his temper, insulted Linda and left.

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Helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon are noble gases.

How did you know?

I see the rose.


I question whether he is actually there.


Is an invisible mirror a mirror at all?

Where did you deafen them?

How do I know this is real?


I got Agatha to take my picture.

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According to Canadian law the mother tongue is the first language a child learns in the home, provided that he or she still understands this language at the time of the census.

Gotta catch 'em all.

Jianyun said he wasn't in a hurry.

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2, 4, 6 etc. are even numbers.

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There's one thing I didn't mention.


You aren't listening.

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Vincent said that wasn't the case.

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I won't judge you.

Do you have any rooms left for tonight?

That's the friend to whom I gave the key.


I knew that.

He did it under my very nose.

Sorry, I think I have the wrong number.

The sun is essential to life.

Don't talk to me that way.

Sergeant didn't marry the girl his parents wanted him to.

I was young and naive then.

It's easy to pick up bad habits.

He'd never let me drive his car.

That sounds like the kind of thing he'd do.

He had a sheepish grin on his face when she told him that she had found out his secret.

This didn't have to happen.

Daniel is making mango cake.

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What were your favorite subjects in school?

My dog is on heat.

Joshua's mobile butt-dialled Luc.

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Nothing is more paralyzing than the fear of changes.

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Ilya handed Kristian a banana.

I like playing golf.

The room wasn't tidied by Rosa.

He awaked me early in the morning.

Randolph takes care of my children.

A Brasiliense is someone who was born or who lives in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, located in the Federal District, in the central plateau.

I often break things when I'm angry.

Do you have any race shirts in extra small?

You won't go shopping with me?

The teacher pointed to the blackboard.

They'll survive.


May I be excused from Chinese?

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I can attest to everything she just said.


Stewart is trying.

Am I correct in assuming you regret doing that?

That'll be interesting.

Rudolph got a new job.

The ship is called "Lost Ship."

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Don't be intimidated.

They know us.

The investigation concluded that the police officer had done nothing wrong.

I lost my insurance when I was laid off at the plant.

Lance is running for class president.

We had the greatest difficulties in making ourselves heard.

What makes you think that Irfan's interested in helping us?


He is passive in everything.

Every year we receive greeting cards painted by mouth.

Ilya smiled inwardly.

He's a strange doctor. He said that a full diagnosis would require him to scan the patient's body in other dimensions.

This waltz's melody always hypnotizes me.


Every pupil in the class is present.

I bought this outright.

We're trying to find ourselves something decent to eat.

What's gotten into you lately?

The teacher was far from satisfied with the result.

I defeated the warrior.

Tell him to do the same.

I don't feel like studying English today.

We can't leave Kris.


A translation is always also an interpretation.

I have a slight headache today.

This machine is broken.


Why isn't he sleeping?


We must observe the rules.

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The lake is very deep.

Sometimes her free manner seems rude.

The next night, I did not sleep well.

He dislocated his arm.

Muiriel is the second member of Tatoeba.

Ask for her advice.

I don't know Arnold's phone number.

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Fay washed the blood off his hands.


I can't forget him.


I really wish I knew what Jarmo plans to do.

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Can you tell me how to get to Lincoln Center?

I know what I should've done, but I just didn't have enough time to do it.

He kept his eyes fixed on her face.


This dictionary is useful to beginners, yes, and to advanced learners.

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I don't remember if I told you that I am so jealous.

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I'm quite certain I don't want to be married to you.

Does Nicolo play tennis well?

We need air support!

Stu lives about twenty minutes away from Hiroyuki.

It was too bad you couldn't come.

It's a tough pill to swallow.

What can I give you in return?

Although she wants to buy a vehicle, there is no margin to buy.

The results are in.

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Don't lie.

Relax. We're on vacation.

She liked throwing her money about.


Examine this.

They grew frustrated.

It's because of you that I'm a cripple!


I didn't know you cared!

They promised to give a thousand pieces per month.

Daddy, i love you!

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Some Americans joined the Communist Party.

I don't want to be part of the problem.

Did he really do that?


She's a honey!


Please correct this copy for me.


Francois doesn't have to do this if he doesn't want to.

Paul doesn't know what to do about it.

I don't want to learn your language.

Keith is going to take care of it.

I entrusted my property to the lawyer.

The soldier really could not refrain from kissing her.

I love this video.


I think overestimating the people masterminding that conspiracy is exactly what they want.

You should turn money to good use.

She put me in a delicate situation.


We just missed the train.

Smoking a fat cigar, he told stories about Greenland.

Five years ago my wife cheated on me

Don't forget!

From the hotel, we could see the entire park very clearly.