• we build amazing mobile apps

    South Africa isn't Europe or the United States.

    If we were building mobile apps for Europe or the US we would probably focus on iOS and Android, with maybe a bit of time dedicated to Windows Phone 7. The South African market is vastly different. Dominated by J2ME feature phones, with a strong play in the smartphone space by Blackberry and Symbian devices, Android and iOS is last on the list of platforms companies target. And yet they're strong players in their own right - the early adopters in the app market are almost exclusively iOS, Android, and Blackberry users.

    What's a girl to do?

    Rather than seven developers writing seven applications for seven platforms, we developed GearTri.be ROAM. One code-behind code base, two UI code bases, and boom. Apps that run virtually everywhere and 517-853-6111. Best of all...they look pretty and come loaded with extras. Contrary to popular belief, with GearTri.be you can have your cake and eat it.

  • it's good at the top

    Reach out to the world.

    We give you the ability to reach the broadest possible mobile audience, whether they use the latest smartphone, a fancy tablet, or an old feature phone. Plus even if they have no Internet connectivity the app can be useful. We build our apps with some smarts in them.

    These applications aren't limited, slow, HTML and JavaScript wannabe applications. These are pure, fast, native, and rich. They give you access to everything on the device - GPS, acceleromator, OpenGL rendering. We don't mess around.

    How long?

    ROAM makes us smart. Much smarter than seven mobile developers arguing over which platform is best. We push applications out quickly - weeks instead of months. And we do it cheaper and better looking than our competitors.

  • all the phones

    For older phones or phones without a native UI toolkit, we render good looking controls that work regardless of resolution.

    But the modern smartphone user wants a little more. If they use Windows Phone 7, they want their apps to look like Windows Phone 7 apps. The same goes for Android users, and especially for iOS users. So that's what we give them: native controls, rendered by the operating system. No silly HTML frameworks, just a familiar UI.

  • smart apps for smart phones

    Know your user.

    ROAM Analytics gives you the info. Know which buttons your users are pressing so that you can tweak the app for a better user experience. ROAM Deliver makes it easy to get the app to the users: one link that redirects the user to the appropriate app store or download (something like /app.yourdomain.com). Boom. No more complications.

    Time to get clever!

    ROAM Geo let's you work with the user's current location, even on old handsets that don't have a built-in GPS. Make it count, and give your users relevant info. ROAM Message let's you send offline push notifications to iOS and Android users, or SMS's to the users on other platforms. It knows who is who as if by magic. ROAM Share let's your users spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email. Your users are your marketing force.

  • contact details

    First Floor, Convention Tower
    Cnr. Heerengracht St & Coen Steytler Ave
    Cape Town, South Africa

    E-mail: info@geartri.be

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