I'm from France.

Kenneth is doing his best.


I became financially independent.


I want to dream.


There are also sex scenes.

I have been a bit distracted this morning.

I don't think Amanda needs very much help.

The girl was friendly with a bright smile.

Whereas Spain has the Royal Spanish Academy, the United States has Urban Dictionary.

Do you know who sings that song?

The trodden ground became a quagmire...

There's no danger now.

Charles closed the door when he left the room.

Nobody wants to play with Steen.

I never noticed that before.

We eat at home.

No one said anything about that.

No one is perfect.

I'm going to keep track of all the expenses on this trip.

I put my suitcase down.

Everything has an end.

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Success breeds success.


I don't trust you either.


I'm going to take off this stamp with hot water.

They consider him intelligent.

They love him.

They were attacking people, not peaceful people.

Nobody walks in LA.

Fix your room, Louie.

The party's candidate began to sag in the polls.

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Just humor me.


He had to comply with her decision.

Did you put my name on the list?

Can I please have the bill?


Is your trunk locked?

Barry will be back by Monday.

We can't tell her and her younger sister apart.

Our athletic meet took place only three days ago.

Knudsen noticed No's bracelet on her desk and wondered why she wasn't wearing it.

Both of them said they would come.

Many different types of flowers were in bloom in the garden.


Did you recognize Gunter?

The typhoon resulted in a lot of flooding.

The geyser sends up a column of hot water every two hours.

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I'm sorry to cause you all this trouble.


Pilot took a lot of pictures of Juha.

He finally succeeded.

Carol has been at it for three hours.

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All you ever talk about is work.

This is your own fault.

I never want to see Jayesh again.

We still have a lot of things to do.

The number of cars running in the city has increased.


Jon has an imaginary friend.

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Why give them anything?

It's talking about how, thanks to air transport, we've lost the sense of 'season' for foodstuffs.

Matthias calls Sorrel every night.

New programmes will appear in the fall on television.

I did try to warn you.

The soldiers were regarded as cannon fodder.

The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous painting ever created.

Christophe has done this a thousand times.

When did Ping get home?

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Gunnar didn't have to tell Peter what to do.

It was there yesterday.

They were burdened with heavy taxes.


Dan operated some of the most massive cranes in the world.

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It's high time you took a vacation.

I couldn't see the parade well from where I was.

Would you give up?

I don't think there will be any problems.

Tricia called 911 for help.


I do not understand you.

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Not everyone believed this plan was a good one.

They said he had acted shamefully.

Love is hard to define.

Is Lucius an Atheist?

She will come back from school by six o'clock.


They called him Little Tuk, but it was not his real name.

Who made the delivery?

Becky is a jerk.

Barbra checked into the hotel.

I've been in Boston way longer than you have.


I'll do what Juri says.

It is the place where there is no person in question, and you shouldn't say abuse.

I ski.


Luc never spoke of her.

The ship's going to cross the equator tomorrow.

Josip noticed a change.

I can't count on you.

Having lots of free time, I've decided to study French.


Shouldn't we offer to help?

Rayan doesn't have any money left.

To tell the truth, I have no money with me.


Pay me a beer.


I love learning.

It has gone a quarter.

Those who call other people idiots aren't far from them themselves.

Darin will probably like this game.

She couldn't help but be a little vague.


Can I get copies of these?


Mitchell started yelling at the top of his lungs.

So, what do you want to do tomorrow?

All of us plan to be there.

The blouse costs twelve libras.

Pontus got lost.

A healthy man does not know the value of health.

Harvey is used to getting what he wants.


Who doesn't care about money?

You've got to get out of Boston.

She has most peciluar ideas which surprise everybody.


I like studying history.

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I tried to find Douglas.


Can you break a 1,000 yen bill?


Here's a list of hotels in the capital and province.


Even my husband does not know what I am really thinking.

I want a kitchen like this.

Even though eye witnesses saw the HMAS Sydney sink in 1941, it took 60 years to locate the wreck on the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Why is she in the church?

Mess with the best; die like the rest.

Juan has a hard time believing anything Linder says.

I'm your friend and I care about you.

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Are you studying chemistry?


I know it's a little pricey, but I think we should buy it anyway.

How's your boy doing?

There is little to do.

Philippe was methodical.

She used to live with him.


I'll mention it to Clarence.

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I'll ask her to join you.

Syun's a keen hiker and bird watcher.

Mac is busy now, so he can't talk with you.

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I still enjoy that.

Mr Jones is sick and Mr Brown will teach in his place today.

Ken's dog is white.

I'm going to get myself some coffee. Do you want some?

I'll phone you.

Russ persuaded Bob to do that.

I'd like to hear the reason that you did that.

They said he would not pay people the money he owed them.

We often enjoyed going to the movies.


I'll meet Kelvin tomorrow at 2:30.

You haven't solved this problem, have you?

Young as he is, he is very careful.

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It is very difficult for anybody to be objective about his own character.

I knew Chip was going to do that.

Brad and Ramesh contradict each other all the time.

Jerry shouted at Neil.

I don't yet know what I'm going to do.

We'll never know what really happened to Tammy.

Yvonne grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

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How nice to see you up and about again so soon!

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Can I get half a kilo of chicken legs, please?

Claire unbuttoned the top button of his shirt.

What a worthy cause!

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I'll meet you in Boston.