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Darin doesn't know what to make of all this.

Rajeev must be at least thirty years old.

It's the best score up to now.

Craft must have clothes, but truth loves to go naked.

We had to sell the building because for years we had operated it at a loss.


He worked long into the night.

Our success depends on whether he helps us or not.

All the colours of the rainbow are black.

You're being negative again.

Did you really go to Boston last weekend?

I already know the whole multiplication table.

The opposition accused the prime minister of negligence.

You may go with him if you choose.

Po put his house up for sale.


How shall I proceed?

You will miss the train, unless you start for the station at once.

You must do as I tell you.


This article is an alarming combination of gossip, superstition and nonsense.


What you do is up to you.

Don't spend so much time watching TV.

We knew we had a good team.

With you it's summer all year round.

It's annoying.

The police have arrested someone.

"Ow-ow-ouch" "Are you alright?"


Someone tried to poison us.

Look up the phrase in your dictionary.

She is famous as an actress.


How are you and your wife doing, now that the birds have all flown the coop?

Whales feed on plankton and small fish.

Kitty is doing what we asked, isn't he?

Vinod is clearly upset about something.

I met him while I was coming home.

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That bridge is made of stone.

Ralph left on his own.

No, I didn't go out.


I will study English hard from now on.

Failure is the best way to learn.

We mustn't forget their sports gear.

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You never listen. I might as well talk to the wall.


It's gone cold. Can you warm it up a bit in the microwave?


He's three years older than her.

Moreover, for your safety, we advise use of a substitute email address.

Kimberly and Rahul kissed.

This might be a trivial thing for you, but it's a very important thing for me.

It has finally stopped snowing and has warmed up.

Sriram was covered with sweat.

Isabelle isn't going anywhere.


He's a born winner.

Use a wok.

Lana wasn't interested in doing anything.


Lloyd is a really nice guy.

I have tennis elbow.

That company is on the rocks because of bad debts.

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Thousands of Americans have a hard time keeping the wolf from the door.

It's probably just a myth that Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravity when an apple fell on his head while he was sitting under a tree.

He wasn't sleeping.


It is possible that he will come to our party.

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He buys medicine.


She can be moody at times.

Death is certain to all, all shall die.

It's not exactly how it happened.

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What do you think might be causing the problem?


Many large Japanese companies depend on exports.

He had heard some other stories.

I would go if I were you.

Matthias only goes to school four days a week.

If this part is affirmative, why is this other part a question?

I felt lost without her.

Why did you agree to help him?

You ate nothing.

Evidently, List didn't want to go.


This room has a balcony.

Good night, sleep tight.

We'll need a head hunting agency to find the right man for this executive position.

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Your composition was good except for the spelling.

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How can I sell myself?

Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.

He was my student. Now he teaches my children.

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Follow me and I will show you the way.

I look on her as my best friend.

It began to snow.

I was reading a book while walking.

Did you really have to yell that loud?

I'm very mindful of that.

I don't find this amusing.

Celeste is neurotic.

It's a well-known fact that spiders aren't insects.


I need your strength once more.

She was in the United States last month.

We live in the nuclear era.

I have vices, but gambling isn't one of them.

He catches colds easily.

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Rakhal didn't even step out of the house yesterday.

One must wait for the residuals to converge before being able to use the simulation's results.

We have been having awful weather.


Ernst could see Piet.


The soldier was killed in action.

Nobody wants to visit my country.

Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections are the parts of speech in English.

Irfan was unenthusiastic.

He is a partner in crime.

You frightened her.

There is a call for you.


My grandma is 75 years old.


I have my own restaurant now.

There's someone hiding in the closet.

I like yatsuhashi and daifuku.

They're probably scared.

Francisco is quite funny.

You have one hour.

It is those who want to do important things that are free.

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No speaks French well, but not as well as he speaks English.

If a person is dishonest,she is dishonest to the end.

This is, without a doubt, an embarrassing situation for me.

I liked that book.

We've learned that that's OK.

He offered ten dollars for our old radio.

No one needs this sentence.


The plane takes off in ten minutes.

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Sylvan has a problem with Larry.

These animals feed on grass.

I hope to continue to see more of the world.

You can believe what you want.

It is ten years since my father died.


I really want to know.


Dion slid the notebook under the couch.

Do you think we can do this without Josip's help?

Everyone knows you're rich.

That's really nice to hear.

I thought you said you knew how to speak French.

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Sridharan called Oleg a traitor.

When did you finish?

Do what you want, I don't really care.

Jose plays the piano well.

I sold my guitar today.


I told him exactly what he wanted to hear.

It actually was good.

Let me take a picture of you.

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Great men are not always wise.

We are the Watchers on the Wall.

I'm taking this to Sanche.

I know what I heard.

I am travelling by plane.


Is it snowy?


The boy fell from the bridge.

Eddy and Ric are gone.

Leo didn't know why Uri didn't want him at her party.

It's all right, I won't tell anybody.

Someone told me Kit has quit his job.

The Toyo Hotel has a free transportation service from the airport to the hotel for their guests.

I can bear witness to his innocence.


Dennis is handcuffed.

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Please shine those shoes.

I got Pratapwant to do it.

Ancient archeological sites are under threat in Syria.

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How's Klaus's cold?