Welcome to “The Upland Bird Report”!  This site might not look like much right now but, like a newly planted CRP field, the seeds we are putting in the ground are going to grow into your most valuable resource for upland bird hunting.

Here are just a few things we are working on:

  • Comprehensive bird outlooks for the most popular states to hunt pheasants, quail, ruffed grouse, and several other upland bird species.
  • Shooting tips from the best wing-shooters in the country.
  • Dog training tips from some of the most successful dog trainers around.
  • Habitat and weather reports that directly affect bird populations.
  • Resources to allow you and your hunting partners to make the best use of your time in the field.

Like bird populations, if you want to see birds in the fall, we need to produce them in the spring.  We are working diligently to provide you the best information to help put you on the birds.  Please come back often as we publish articles and other information.  You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Good Hunting!