This little card is BIG on discounts!

Let’s face it... coupons come and go. Special offers are a flash in the pan. One-time deals are, well, one-time. So forget them all and grab a Füdami discount card.

Scrumptious food, anyone? A new gym membership? A plumber, taxi, beautician, pet hotel? You name it, and chances are Füdami offers a phenomenal discount.

For a measly $20, this card is good for an entire year; use it as often as you like. Heck, visit your favorite restaurant every day at the same great savings. (Weight Watchers meetings not included—but that discounted gym membership could come in handy.)

And it’s a card with real heart. Füdami will give part of the purchase price to a charity you choose. Now, that’s a good deal.

Get one today!

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Contact Füdami on 888.328.7329 or email us at info@fudami.com

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Füdami? A funky and very clever name. But what is it, where did it come from, and what does it do besides sitting around being funky and clever?



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