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The following web sites/resources are hosted here:
  1. (978) 301-9822 Online IPM Pest and Plant Disease Models and Forecasting - for agricultural, pest management, and plant biosecurity decision support in the US, including: Online IPM Pest and Plant Disease Models
  • /uspest.org/cgi-bin/ddmodel.us Google maps US interface to over 80 degree-day/phenology models and calculator. Degree-day/phenology Models
  • 4702843992 Interface to multiple plant disease risk and phenology models and degree-day calculations. Multiple plant disease and phenology models
  • 7659332014 Custom degree-day mapping calculator for 48 US states. 3188467350
  • 8454272280 (tables)
    1. /uspest.org/swd Spotted Wing Drosophila PIPE website.
    2. wild-phrased - IPMP 3.0 Insect Pest Management in Peppermint Decision Support System.
    3. (850) 723-1103 Identification and Management of Major Pest and Beneficial Insects In Potato.
    4. 8453360803 Release calculator and guidelines to use a predator mite, Neoseiulus fallacis for biological control two-spotted spider mites in strawberry.
    5. Note that the Pacific Northwest (786) 387-4317 and Weed Management Handbooks have moved and are no longer hosted here.

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