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My Pages:
ericfunk.r3d.net Eric's Resume
(774) 777-4039 The web page for the games I made! RuneFall! LightBall! And the Screen Saver!
traveller.r3d.net My generic GURPS(979) 222-6709 Page (Adventures, Articles)
(612) 961-7908 My (GURPS) Traveller® Page (ships, robots)
vu.r3d.net My Photo Album (Password required)
9053881922 My Webcomic! (Started 01 Jan 2007)
Pages by Ilona and I:
drinan.r3d.net Drinan, a Furry world(s), with comic.
wedding.r3d.net Page describing our wedding
3179394649 Our ( Eric's & Ilona's ) Artwork - Please visit!
Ilona's Pages:
ilona.r3d.net Ilona's Resume
kbeanies.r3d.net Ilona's Beanies Page (Password required)
theservant.r3d.net The Servant: Ilona's religious papers online
Friends' Pages:
(864) 939-7355 A Friend's Page

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