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He's part of the 1%.

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What have you been up to?

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You look green.

Can we rent a car?

Passengers became nervous when the plane began to vibrate.

Who's really good in German?

Junko will have to study math tonight.

I plan to eat the same thing you do.

Did you discover something new today?

If you really wanted to, you could buy me a motorcycle.

I think things will get better.

Vic needs to underpin his house as it's subsiding.

Lots of leftovers remained inside.

Any society not enlightened by philosophers is fooled by quacks.

Let's not overdo it.


You don't know what it's like to be married to Piercarlo.

Stop, or I'll shoot!

He will follow my advice.

Why are you so mad at me?

You should give Konrad some time.

My laser printer can only handle black and white.

We will adopt your method at our school.


The flow of this river is fast.

Would you mind waiting out here, please?

Jussi came home crying.

I'm from Syria.

I wish to sit here with you for a while and talk.

The best way to learn a language is to live in a country where it's spoken.

He kisses his child a hundred times a day.

Keeping existing clients is just as important as finding new ones.

Are these Stewart's shoes?

I go to church on Sundays.

Collin asked me to look for some rope.

You'd do the same thing if you were me.

Hume said he doesn't eat meat.

Steve would've loved that.

They exchanged the New Year's greeting.

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I won't let Roxana do it.

Let's go out for a drink.

She took in the situation at a glance.


Don't dismiss any possibility.


Sergeant started working.

How many engineers took part in the conference?

It was approved.


Are those two going out?


Raphael wondered if Ben had been playing games all afternoon.


I just couldn't go through with it.

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Lex doesn't have to convince me.

You should not look down on her just because she writes a poor hand.

Did you lend any money to my brother?

I just don't believe you.

You'll be ruined.

Was there a book on the desk?

Help me if you can.

If you don't mind a ghost in the house, it is all right. Only you must remember I warned you.

Dan was a member of the special forces that went rogue after an incident in Colombia.


People crowd around the light, not to see better, but rather to shine better.

It is believed that Christ worked many miracles.

This article is more interesting as compared to the previous one.

To tell the truth, I would rather stay at home than go out.

I'll explain the incident.

You're not rich, are you?

Do you know how to dance?


I need to change the baby's diaper.

Cole said that somebody here needed help.

I'll try to never be late again.


We all like Norma.

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These jeans feel too tight. May I try on another size?


She told me you were sick.


The river flows through the town.

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We may be fewer than what we would like, but we are far more numerous than what you can imagine.

Why are you angry with her?

If Jane does not rest more, she may have a nervous breakdown.

What time do you go to school?

Ramesh doesn't like being told he's not old enough yet.

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I'll eat my hat if, by some chance, my team loses to yours.

To our surprise, her prediction came true.

Do you know where your keys are?


Will you take part in the ceremony?

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Once in a while I go to Sweden to visit my boyfriend.

Connie, this isn't something you can run away from.

She needs another DPT shot.

I suggest we go home by cab.

Carsten's demands are not unreasonable.

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He taught his son how to swim.


Did Susumu send you?

Jochen doesn't always complain, does he?

Travis does know that.

Today, automobiles have taken the place of horses as the principal means of transportation.

Some people think that Earth will be invaded by aliens.

Rick has an appointment at 2:30.

That foreigner spoke Japanese as if it were his native language.


The adaptability of humans in difficult circumstances is nothing short of amazing.

We'll have you back here very soon.

Opera in English is, in the main, just about as sensible as baseball in Italian.

I'm still waiting for my money.

I'm going to the supermarket to do some shopping.


'Four' is an unlucky number in Japan.

Phil gained weight.

Let me pay tonight.


His quick temper will get him in trouble one day.


Jean-Pierre was here a few weeks back.

It took several months to make that movie.

Noam has a plane to catch.


I will do my best in everything.


I'm sorry that you are leaving here.

We saw it happen.

Shirley bikes to school.

I know you're right.

Sabrina looks worn out.

Stagger was bitten by a wild animal.

You worry too much about what other people think of you.

Let's rest for a few minutes.

We are not the ones to blame for the accident.

If you have any complaints, let me know, and I'll look into them.

One man's loss is another man's gain.

She didn't dare to say anything at that time.

Winston left me no choice.

In medical research, one of the first problems is to isolate the cause of the disease.

Raja was upset when she saw a picture of Wendell's ex-girlfriend in his wallet.


My love costs nothing.


We need to get back before it gets too late.

They were terribly upset.

People prefer losing their ways to changing their ways.

I thought Lorenzo was here to stay.

Collect sentences, not guns! At worst, your children will throw them in one another's faces.

I was always different.

You must've given this a lot of thought.


She's a lot better today.


I wish I'd bought a white dress!

Where did you serve in the military?

He played up his achievements.

I could've stopped it.

Our school encourages sports.

Water boils at one hundred degrees.

He lives in that stately mansion.

She is going to take the bus.

He was caught reading a comic book in class.

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I let her down.


A high school student made this robot.

I knew what the Jacksons were doing.

She was embarrassed by his sudden appearance.


He advised an early start.

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Your argument is not based in reality.


A dog's sense of smell is much keener than a human's.

I don't want you to do another thing.

I haven't said yes yet.

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The nursery toilet door was shut.

He came even though the weather was bad.

Arlene baked Clyde a cake.


Bill looked through the contents of the package.

I'm just following Sridharan's orders.

Elvis and I don't feel that way.

I'd like to live in a better neighborhood.

Why are you looking at me?

Read all the instructions carefully.

The cosmonaut is great.

I don't think you're trying very hard to find Robbin.

I can't go along with Jim's plan.