Dave would call his security.

What sort of father do you think you'll be?

At that store, they deal in fish and meat.

My mum has three dogs.

I wish I knew what to do.

Neil doesn't think anything bad is ever going to happen.


Ed knows that he'll never live up to his parent's expectations.

I'm such a klutz.

Patrick definitely got a raw deal.

Lancelot fell in love with King Arthur's wife Guinevere.

Perhaps we could talk later.


I wish I could give you something.

This isn't my fault, is it?

It was careless of you to lose the key.

You have to help them.

Pitawas is not well-spoken.

I was just thinking of a new job.

He would drink a white or red wine.


Sorry, I have other things to do.

I was trying to protect Bernard.

He was beaten black and blue.

Can we talk in private?

Vassos had a strange dream.

That was very cute.

Yesterday a fire broke out near my house.

Then I'll work on the principle that deference is no substitute for obedience.

It's a good time for a party.

This is Jong's dirty little secret.

But I have nothing left. I am just an old stump.

I didn't want you to go away.

You think I work for Steven, but I don't.


Sharada got caught speeding.


I don't have time for reading this book.

There seems to be a large number of people in Japan with high blood pressure.

How old is your brother?

Don't tell Orville the truth.

I've been concerned about him.


"Yes," Dima replied, brushing off a piece of half-eaten fish that had gotten stuck to his right sleeve. "I'd like to buy that one there."

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I always stay at their house when I'm in town.

The division picnic is this Saturday at the park.

One Tatoeba contributor was fascinated to realize that at two widely different times she had created the very same sentence. However, within minutes of her adding the second instance, the Horus script recognized that they were identical, and it automatically deleted the redundant sentence.

This is the house of Martha, her brother and their parents.

What color were Jerald's socks?

Griff, I especially wanted to talk to you.

Esperanto is written phonetically with an alphabet of 28 letters.

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I've been gone for a long time.

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It is practically unthinkable that a scientist of his stature would have made such an elementary mistake.


This place smells bad.

It has been 200 years since Mozart died.

She hired him as an interpreter because she had heard that he was the best.

I have to exercise.

I just fired her.


What's your speciality dish?

It is Sunday.

Tatoeba: Because a language is more than the sum of its words.


You don't believe it, do you?

She kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight.

It was sensational.


Will you answer my questions?

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Don't call Roxana names.

She almost took him to the edge of bankruptcy.

What if someone sees this?

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We don't need your answer right away.

I stared at the man.

I wish I could do something.

In my high-school's dormitory, the first years share a room with another student, but starting from the second year, students have individual rooms.

You're local, right?


Please don't call us again.

How many flowers do you buy?

I will start tonight.


I had to let them go.

You should be proud of yourself.

A son must obey his father.


They asked for permission to arm their ships.

I made a huge mistake.

My uncle lives in London.


Dan has been fighting with Linda.

He was believed to have committed the crime.

I forgot to call Lisa.

I don't think there is any way I can help.

Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

He was patient.

"Is that what you wanted to tell me?" "Yes, that's exactly it."

Let's go back to the beginning.

Is this really how it's done?

Could you recommend an inexpensive restaurant?

Joshua wanted to explain, but Boyce wouldn't let him.

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If you ask me, this is a complete waste of time.

On the tenth of next month, they will have been married for twenty years.

Forget your sorrows.

In honor of tomorrow's Esperanto club meeting, I baked a cake with white frosting and a green star in the center.

The essay itself isn't a problem, but it is all this pernicious questions and glossary that makes me awfully mad!

They believed that this time must be different; that their voice could be that difference.

We'll always remember Nancy.

Turn right there.

This shop has all kinds of foreign-language magazines.


I'm always writing weird and hoopy stuff so I'm sure it's difficult to comment on.

Have you ever tried Brazilian food?

It needs to be done in the same way.

How far are we from the border?

Let's get them out of here.

We needed space.

In addition to being a famous physicist, he is a great novelist.

Do you feel bad?

Italy's beaches are crowded in the summer.

Police! Drop your weapon!

It's very important to them.


I don't have anything to do with that problem.

Do you want to know what I'm doing?

I like both watching and playing sports.

Nicholas is working.

I can't imagine what got into me.

I'd rather stay here in Boston.

I'll call you as soon as I hear anything.

I hear he is in bad health these days.

You have only to wait here for him.

I don't see her often.

I can do what you asked me to do.


They want to change the law.

I never heard back from them.

Cleveland was not sure the boy was his son.

We don't need that.

I think I've made my point.

Are you an optimist?

Why is potassium permanganate purple?


Archie is jacking off.

This band is really good.

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

The boy was allowed to come along having promised to improve his manners.

The musician is famous abroad as well as in Japan.

I can assure you of his earnestness.

We had nothing in common.


I've never seen him smile.

Take these goats to the mountain.

He blamed it on me.

The matter is of no importance.

I know those women.

I wish you the best of luck.

As he didn't know what to say, he remained silent.

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But you will write, won't you?

I wondered to hear her talking of death, when, to all appearance, she seemed as well as we had ever seen her.

I got that from them.

You guys are roughly the same age as we are.

Wayne wondered why Kenneth didn't tell him about it.

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It's started again.


Carlos's decision to get married surprised his family.

They are high school students.

It sure scared me.

You've put too much salt into the soup. Now, no one's going to eat it.

I'm not doing anything different.

Please give me a Dagens Nyheter, too.

Complaining about something is one way to adapt yourself to a new environment.

Andy is a person you can trust.

She left her umbrella on the bus.

She said she would be twenty years old the following year.

The man you see over there is my uncle.

He wrote me a love letter.

I'm not in the mood for that right now.

I heard that you have invited Scot to play mahjong with us tomorrow night.

War is very profitable for the neocons. A war in Ukraine and against Russia can only be a great opportunity for business to them.

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The growth in population is very rapid in developing countries.

Polyandry used to be common among the Sherpas of Nepal, where a band of brothers would often take a wife in common. When she died--of child-bearing or overwork--they would frequently marry her younger sister.

What are your beliefs?

You have something of a reputation.

Melanie has an idea of how to create an artificial language.

Neptune has large, dark ovals on its surface which astronomers believe are hurricane-like storms.

She acted in the play.

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Who do you think this hat belongs to?

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The President himself addressed us.