It's time to get ready.


You need to apologize to them.

The problem is Mr. Bark, the man whose secretary is away.

Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Just let go of the rope.

Jane liked to make believe she was a teacher.

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Even paranoids have enemies.

I think my German isn't very good.

You are like cassandra.

Kyle died from a drug overdose.

Something is very wrong here.


Food is the largest source of garbage in landfills.

We've been looking.

My father takes a walk every morning.


They're coming! Don't move a muscle or you'll ruin the surprise.

We have a lot of things to do.

I think you need to tell Maureen to leave you alone.


Have you thought about what time of year you want to get married?


He devoted much time to study.

The answer to this question is simple.

He is 60 and still builds sand castles in the shore.

I will accomplish it at all costs.

I do not know how to use it.


Cory always trusts people, even people he shouldn't.

Tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks.

Has Sally told Hiroyuki that he can't speak French at all?

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The bus jolted over the rough road.


She shouldn't get carried away.

Leisure has been viewed as a means to an end.

Amedeo's parents never told him about the facts of life.

I can't fool around any longer.

Was the cliffhanger a downer or did it whet your appetite for more?

There are still some things we need to do.

Let's find somewhere else to hide.

The devil is in the details.

Everyone's hungry.


I could actually see myself living here.

The company drew back from the project.

Everyone is in favor of the new project.

I know a man you used to work with.

This is much better than what Bucky gave me.

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What you say is true in a sense.

He won't do you any harm.

Sid clicked his fingers.

He stopped reading a book.

Rather than working for a low salary, it is better for us to be unemployed.


I want to end this.

Nothing can stop them.

We can work this out.

Myrick appealed to us for help.

He is the very person I was talking of.


It is not because I do not want you to laugh at me, rather it is because I would like to laugh at you.


In the presence of another negative word, the word "ne" is omitted.

Does he still have that book he borrowed from the library?

Perhaps I can answer that question.

We don't have to go right now.

I have to change a string on the guitar.

I thought Diana was funny.

That only makes it worse.

Have you noticed the similarity in pronunciation between the Polish and Portuguese languages?

You added nothing.

She can't be all bad.

It is rainy


Did anybody see anybody?

What harm would it do if I were to go into the garden for a short time and enjoy myself among the trees and flowers, and the singing birds and fluttering butterflies and humming insects, and look at the dew-drops hiding from the sunbeams in the hearts of the roses and lilies, and wander about in the sunshine, instead of remaining all day in this room?

You should've told Judith how you felt.

Ramon doesn't make the rules.

Greek and Latin are useful languages. That's why I study them.

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I was too hard on him growing up.

Matthew knows a shortcut.

We've got something for you.


I just had breakfast with him.

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I'm really going to miss you.

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In America elderly people are not given the same degree of respect they receive in many other countries.

Hey, Art, open up.

Did you say yes or no?

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How do you think that makes me feel?

I don't know how to satisfy his need for constant attention.

He doesn't want to speak, being afraid of making mistakes.


Joubert doesn't understand the value of saving.

Make an Italian verb with the letters.

Rod has developed feelings for Peter.

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We made plans.

Are you trying to kill me?

Do you like SF movies?

I have a throbbing pain here.

It looks like Emily got sick from eating the spoiled food.

I told you I'd protect you.

I'm not usually in the office on Mondays.


To put it briefly, she turned down his proposal.

Do you mean what you say?

Slavery was legal in the new Republic of Texas.


He went on a one-day trip.


Courtney has news about Sergei.

Because she has a good figure, whatever she wears suits her.

You're demanding.


I'm allergic to synthetic rubber.

I want to go abroad one day.

I've got a big surprise for you.

Tuan smiled reassuringly.

He was absent from school yesterday because he was ill.

Beverly now has the same joys and worries with her grandchildren that she had with her own children years ago.

We overwhelmed the many enemies.

I think we're going to have a very nice time.

I can understand it.

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I'm not the one hurting her.

We were passengers.

Don't forget to reply to her letter

We haven't been able to get through to Suyog.

No offence!


Don't make fun of me.

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Why do you think I shouldn't trust Boyd?


I'm going to play chess with Saify today.

Dan never saw any part of the castle.

He made me swear not to say anything.

This coffee is so hot that I can't drink it.

30 is the product of 3 times 10.

Uranus is a large, plain, blue-green planet which can only be seen from the Earth with the unaided eye on a clear, dark night.

Do you have any grounds for thinking so?

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He would often go to the hill.

You like French, don't you?

Can you open a second register?

This house is a very beautiful one.

There is no running water.

Donn stretched out on the grass and fell asleep.

Economists predict that around the year 2060, the so-called "Western world", composed of Europe and North America, will lose their dominant position in the global economy.

It's probably bad.

Dorian tossed the documents on Darrell's desk.

Do you read French every day?

Will anyone see me off at the station?


You can't help them.

I'm not completely in accord.

Juha stands to inherit a lot of money when his parents die.

The first violins carry the melody.

The doctor prescribed medicine for the patient.

With this module you can make the Enter key generate an event.

The sky is getting brighter.


I want Fritz to hear your story.

The car has been acting strangely.

Dan kept changing his story.


Leigh is the best candidate for the job.


We are better off than we used to be.

Pilot barely made it in time.

Brazil is the host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Unfriendliness is the new thinking.

I'd like to have dinner with you tonight.

I want another cup of tea.

She has a very enviable position.

I spent all yesterday with Raif.

It finally dawned on me what Vilhelm meant.

Mr. White is doing very well so far.

This revision of Darwin's ideas came under fire from academic positions.

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Lions run fast.

Where were you that night?

I saw the person I expected to be standing there.

My real name is Neil.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano located in Tanzania.

How dangerous is the situation?

Kinch is exceptionally good-looking.

I feel like I'm just getting comfortable with my homemaking chores.

That's what we have to do.


Vivek can stay with me if he wants.