The ship was sailing at full speed.

When I was at high school, I knew a lot of jokes.

My dream is to become a firefighter.

I guess I was kind of nervous.


This door can't be locked.

I need to follow up on that.

I'm going to make it up to you.


I'll see him today.

That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Lana should've come sooner.


Welcome to the US.


I forgot to call them.

It's hard to be modest when you are the best.

My grandmother was a farmer.

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I was busy with work for the term exam.

This was Mario's idea.

Tran has to stay in Boston this weekend.

We were talking about you.

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

He checked his mailbox.

I don't know if I can handle this alone.

Kimberly brought a bottle of tequila.

Is this a date?


Why did Jonathan give you this anyway?


The police identified Dan by his fingerprints.

Everybody feels that way.

It's pretty cool.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.

She is my muse.


All of my kids went to Boston to visit my parents.

I'll give Roxane whatever he needs.

We should just give them what they're asking for.

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I want to try to be fair.

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Ask me as many questions as you like. I'll try to answer them all.


Four men are singing.

It caught everybody by surprise.

I'm very sorry, but I seem to have lost your umbrella.


Agreements must be kept.


Would you mind if I asked you a few questions?

Has anybody solved this mystery?

I used to read novels at random in those days.

That was over three months ago.

Let's not waste time arguing.

You're a bad liar.

The file is corrupt.


I have two books.

That should be obvious.

We need a sample in addition to materials.

I have class from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m..

She keeps her hair in curls.

What a lovely day it is!

I outsmarted her.

You won't be able to talk Andries into doing that.

Are we really going to do this every Monday?


Are you trying to be funny?

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I saw him doing it.

I don't get the connection.

It's a pity that I don't understand French better.

My tooth is giving me unbelievable pain.

It was very stressful.

She stressed that she did it by herself.

I speak three languages.


Did you warn Ti about the neighbor's dog?

His alibi seemed perfect.

College is the time to enjoy yourself to the fullest!


Charleen informed Magnus that his train was late.

We can surely do better.

Jared became a billionaire when his company sold shares in an initial public offering.


We are going to be hit by a storm.

Jim was able to hold back his anger.

I don't want to stay here.

I am a Hyogo University student.

He tried to give up smoking last year, but it was in vain.

She wants to sing old songs.

Oh my God, Jesus talked to me today!

I asked him if you will come with me, but he didn't even answer.

In the morning it was very cold.

Can I try doing it once more?

I have to go to the mosque.

Whom did he have in mind?

Marvin sleeps a lot.

There's something else over there.

Brrr! It's really cold in here.

I have to skedaddle.

Can you let me pass?

Blindness is responsible for a staggering toll of poor health, suffering, and loss of dignity and diminution in the quality of lives of people worldwide.

Fred knew this.

Randy could've killed somebody.

For nothing this wide universe I call, Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all.

You guys need to calm down.

A delicatessen caught fire and burned down, leaving a heap of ashes.


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My mother taught me not to waste money.

Do you want her there?

I like the Japanese language very much.

Benjamin is punctual, isn't he?

Anyway, I agree with Frederic.

As I left the brothel, I was embarrassed to be seen by my friends.


Matthieu knew it was too late to call, but he called anyway.

We know who he is.

They might not know what to do, but they're not stupid.

Tai didn't go right in.

Brad got impatient waiting for Sedat.


I don't want to regret later in life having missed out on something in my youth.

Stephen did warn them.

Valerie got his master's degree three years ago.

I don't expect anything from you.

I don't think this sentence is grammatically correct.

This all makes sense.

They spotted Vern.

She came home in low spirits.

You can't stop smiling.

Why do school grades matter?

We'll never forget Beckie.

I wish I could've eaten at that restaurant with you.

We got what we asked for.

I don't care about my reputation.

Are you going to tell us what happened?


Don't dismiss any possibility.

The land was converted into a park.

Nanda couldn't have done what he did without some help.

Everyone was shocked.

I'm calling from a cell phone.


I said I'd wait for him.

I am not ashamed to be seen with them.

I wish I could figure out how to install this software.

Cyrus has started drinking a lot.

You wouldn't have come if you didn't think there was something to gain.

You should have Mr Brown correct your speech before the presentation.

Tad is incredibly brilliant.


Can I extend my stay?

We need to tell you what to do.

We can't go anywhere else.


We want to invest in profitable projects for future generations.

A book is open on the desk.

Where did you saw them?


Our problem now is how to persuade Gill to quit.

He knows the art of making friends.

Sumitro is very spirited, isn't he?

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The same applies here.

Perhaps our emotions make us who we are.

Did you ever have that problem?


I need to use the bathroom.

Let's watch TV.

I don't think this was such a good idea.

I shouldn't have to give a speech.

You said that half an hour ago.


I won't try to describe it.


Take it! It's a magic bullet.

I just got him off to school.

Gil was sitting in the front of the bus.


Vicky is one of the prettiest women in Boston.

That little boy likes to throw rocks on the neighbor's roof.

It is certain that the plane will reach there on time.


I'd be delighted if you could come with us.


Jingbai picked up the glass and took a drink.


I don't want him to come.


The radio on the desk is a Sony.

Rod always does that by himself.

He told everyone that we were married.

Human stupidity is international.

I wouldn't blame Diana.

Hope you like it and have some fun!

I couldn't find anything my size.