That's big enough.

Are you suggesting that we ignore Ozan's request.

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Should she lose her keys, she will call me.

What do you think of his idea?

If someone can't remember his past, he's doomed to experience it anew.

Herbert asked Sherri some very personal questions that she refused to answer.

How old is this dog?

This word better fits here.

I filled the pool with water.

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You really fooled Tareq.

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I'll move the solar panel from the balcony to the roof in due course.

Drew sped up and caught up with Carisa.

Her skill in dancing is well known.


It's not like I've got any special interest in gym shorts - I've not got that fetish, I think.

I don't really think there'll be any trouble.

Why do I have to work?

She's been living in this city for five years.

Takayuki is a taxi driver.

It's more fun in the Philippines.

The tires are very sticky.

Make a clean breast of your secrets.

I'll go to Boston next summer.

"Is it okay to call you tonight?" "That is fine."

Stop interfering.

He got a bad reputation.

What else can you remember?


The doors automatically closed.

My leg's gone to sleep, so I don't think I can stand up right away.

I didn't study math at all.

If Jarvis did not have this pillow, he would miss it very much.

We have one more item to discuss.


The engineers blew up the bridge because it was about ready to collapse.

The government will tax your income.

The small restaurant of today may be a big hotel tomorrow.

Sylvan has plenty of time.

The train has arrived here now.

I don't work like that.

The child had no overcoat on although it was very cold.

Things got bad for Ji.

Why would Randal be coming to see you?

Let's hope Paula is OK.

Nobody contributed to the understanding of dreams as much as Freud.

Have you ever taken anything out of the dirty clothes basket because it had become, relatively, the cleaner thing?

You can't go to Boston this weekend.

Sound knowledge of computer systems and programming languages is integral to Raif's job.

Blessed are the merciful, for they themselves shall obtain mercy.


Detroit has one of the highest levels of gun violence in the world.

It's at home.

She went from one shop to another.

I hadn't noticed.

As said by the Lojban Group and the law, Lojban is equal to Loglan.

They executed Dawn.

The socks smell bad.

I won't wear that dress.

God knows what might happen for an hour!

She declared that she was not guilty.

Shakespeare's plays were written in Elizabethan English.

She wanted to go into the carriage.

Andries is sensible.

Try to stay cool, Stu.

To do him justice, he is not stupid.


Susan was due here three hours ago.

I've won three dresses, one white and two green.

The army is in the north to protect the border.

He ironed his shirt.

Over the piano was printed a notice: Please do not shoot the pianist. He is doing his best.

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That is massive!

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You've got my sunglasses and I want them back.


That's all I need.

She has a heart of gold.

All the snow on the mountain has disappeared.

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Rodney is hiding something from me, too.

Let's go to your apartment.

That's the sweetest thing I think I've ever eaten.

I saw my neighbor's dog running in my yard.

The train will pick up speed in a minute.


Was Suwandi in the accident?

We'll discuss it.

We'll never make it at this rate.

Terry decided not to say anything until he knew more about the situation.

This serves to show how honest she is.

Did I surprise you?

The suitcase contained nothing but dirty clothes.

Stephen is going down the stairs.

The roses in the garden are in full bloom.

Strontium 90: One of the radioisotopes of strontium; part of radioactive fallout, harmful to human health.

Heinz told Rajarshi to visit the museum.

Sharon couldn't have opened the door without your help.

Let Nathan speak.

Part of Hokkaido still remains in its natural state.

They used the Internet too much because they had some underlying problem that also caused them to neglect their child.


You should come visit us!

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On the table were a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

Markus walked past Casey without even noticing her.

I gave Laura a baseball cap for his birthday.

In 2001, the financial group Goldman Sachs concluded that Brazil, Russia, India and China would be the "bricks" of the global economy, giving rise to the acronym "BRIC".

What a nice surprise!

Remember these rules.

The following images are not for the faint of heart.

I relied on Donne.

What more could we possibly do?

I thought that Linder was dead.

We're ready now.

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She works as a nurse in the local hospital.


Did you read this morning's extra?

I'm not sure it's a good idea.

Why can't you be quiet?


I must live with the consequences of the choices I've made.

Americans who are over sixty-five make up 12.5% of the total population.

Beijing is changing with great speed.

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Pratt wanted to be a criminal defense lawyer.

Divide the pizza among you three.

She heard coughing.

I'm celebrating.

That which was satisfied today becomes tomorrow's provisions.

Well, obviously, we have a rapist in Lincoln Park.

Wes sought shelter from the rain.


The fire department was able to retire early.

Elias took a cold shower.

I'm 24 years old.


Benjamin pawned his wedding ring.

The plane is flying above the clouds.

Take control of the command post.

I come inside to drink coffee.

Rebecca sat with his legs crossed.

Why did you leave?

They caught up with us later.

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I think I'd be a good father.

The kitchen knife wasn't sharp enough to cut the meat, so I used my pocket knife.

We can see wild animals lying in the grass.

That's really not the point.

This house has a red roof.

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Roy and I get along fine.


Could you go get some wood for the fire?


I'll make an effort to get up early every morning.

I stopped working for Srikanth three years ago.

How did you come to know one another?


So we're gonna have a barbecue party. Tell your parents that my parents are gonna be there.

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I'm sitting in my office thinking about you.


She was looking forward to seeing him again.

Now is the time when I need him most.

Your father would have been very proud of you.

You're going to be OK.

My cat is mad.

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They're in the library.

They struggled.

Liyuan was wearing a bulletproof vest, so the bullet didn't kill him.


Will you do it?


Take your positions.


Where is this (theater) play being performed?


Sho is a great coach.

Marilyn talks about you all the time.

How much could I make a week working here?


That's not what I meant. I'm sorry.


Takayuki is a junior majoring in marketing.


His speech made a good impression on me.

Today, we're doing a big cleanup.

Does this dress make me look fat?


Carole drove a van here today.

Happy 4th of July!

We agree.

Carole pointed to where Clayton was standing.

The surgery was successful.