Nothing is impossible for the gods.


I know my keys are here somewhere.

They were singing.

Every ship needs a captain.

I used to play tennis when I was a young student.

Why are these teenagers laughing?

They left the situation unsettled.

This bicycle belongs to my brother.


I have had quite enough of his jokes.


I'd like something to eat.

It's still in good condition.

What's the connection?

They rowed up the river.

We'll handle them.

Children should be allowed to be children.

I have to go back for them.

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Did Micky actually tell you that?

When he got up to make his speech, James's mind went completely blank and all he could do was stand there with his mouth open.

I have to see her.

She's in consultation with the doctor right now.

He's nothing.

Rob is in there somewhere.

It made him uneasy that someone might find out any second what he was hiding.

You haven't finished your coffee.

He ended up in jail.

Lila doesn't like bananas.

I have seen the film before.

Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions!

If you don't play honestly, I will stop playing with you.

There seems to be only one way out of here.

You're a real witch.

Haven't I told you not to call me "Clyde"?

The fact that she had gotten married twice was true.


The girl is skillful at knitting.

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You're too self-conscious.

We took a taxi so as to get there on time.

We need a victory.

Elias is a numismatist.

Takeda holds a 3th dan in "kendo", a 2th dan in "iaido".

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He got wrecked, girl!

Can you talk louder? I didn't hear you.

It's not hard to see what the results of this rise will be.

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I didn't want her to leave.

You've got to move out.

We need to buy some dog food.


They stayed friends.


If Lars said he'd help, he will.

He is furious with anger.

He tore the newspaper in half.

If you don't like it here, then leave.

He was so angry that his veins stood out.

My friend always jokes when I am not in the right mood.

Herbert came here today looking for trouble.

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She attends school at night.


I told them to wait in the car.

Catull could have written "I love and hate", but he didn't.

It's correct.

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I need to read but I don't have books!

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It is time to go to school.

The cake was crawling with ants.

My best friend always gives me good advice.

The noise kept me awake all night.

The bus driver opened the door.

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Can you tell me about Dorothy?

Would you kindly switch off the radio?

Pretend you don't know anything.

There is an urgent need for more people to donate their time and money.

Where's my mama?

It's obvious that this politician has a hidden agenda.

You are my mother.


They're babies.


You don't have to tell me that twice.


He speaks with his mother every day.


This novel was written by a famous American writer.

They cut down the tree.

He drank some beer besides a bottle of whisky.


Why don't your students read that well?


In comparison with this, that is far better.


Hunter was good.

I knew he would accept.

This can't be done by individual effort.

Let's get this party started!

Let me walk you to your car.

I have exhausted my energy.

Novorolsky removed the key from the door.

I'll be free this evening.

This initiative strives to promote writing in Occitan.

That's what I've been told.

Varda didn't have permission to do that.

That's why he did it.

That man died of lung cancer a week ago.

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Come along, children.

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Is she free this evening?

The problem is important on that account.

You're a really bad bartender.

I was working all night.

He cuts a handsome figure in that black suit.


Let's find someplace quiet to talk.

Hearing the news, she cried her heart out.

You shouldn't coddle her so much. She needs to learn to be independent.

I doubt if you'll know anyone there.

The cost of living hadn't gone down at all.

Swans understand signs.

They're a little tight.

Hartmann was surprised and a little confused.

The water was cut off yesterday.

I tried to tell Norma.

We're lucky Gregory is here to help.

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What does this machine do exactly?

Floria can't go out drinking with the guys tonight. He has to stay home and take care of his mother.

Alfred, King of England, was a great scholar as well as a great ruler.

Some people criticized our decision.

Primitive calculating machines existed long before computers were developed.

Neil had dreams of becoming a famous tennis player.

I don't think we want to know.


You can't study too hard.

We needed money.

You're terrible.

Shadow is eating French fries out of a bag.

I already know your secret.

I don't want to read anything.

Did you just hear what you said?

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Mr Suzuki is not a dentist but a physician.


I really like Chinese food.


I was completely in love with her.

Granville and I used to be best friends.

We lost almost everything.

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I cannot watch this film. I don't like it.


Can I see a picture of Mara?

Why do you care what other people think?

Help me for just a minute.

Louis drives an imported car.

To the chagrin of many Western composers, steel drums, or steelpans, tend not to be fully chromatic.

Knock on the door before entering the room.

We're looking for somewhere to live.

I couldn't anticipate that that would happen.

I ended up telling Phiroze what you told me not to tell him.

It doesn't bother me much.

He feigned not to notice the two strangers.

Who used to do this?

I just didn't know what to say.

I'm all thumbs when it comes to origami, or paper folding.

A significant quantity of mercury was found in the mackerel.


He was absent for a matter of ten days.


There are so many example sentences using "Magnus" and "Mike". It's very strange.

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The ship is in Byzantium.

Feeding pigeons is prohibited.

As everyone knows, he is a genius.

What am I supposed to say when he puts it so logically?

There's someone at the doorway.


Fortune favours the brave.


Here's a big map of Germany.

Oh! Marvelous!

You have wisdom.

Matthew and Herman are outsiders.

Vidhyanath asked me out.


I won't tell anyone about this.


After careful consideration, I have decided not to accept this offer.

How much time did we lose?

Markus misses Boston.