These Funny Maternity Shirts Will Make You Laugh

Shirts are comfortable for any casual occasion (and sometimes even formal ones!). And during what time do you want comfort more than when you’re carrying around a baby bump?

Today’s collection showcases funny maternity shirts. We love these design ideas because they show how happy and joyful a future-mom can be. A woman who can endure pregnancy and have a fun time about it is worth designing as many shirts as possible.

Source: Crazy Dog T Shirts

This design makes us laugh because we see today so many new moms upload pictures of their new baby on their social media. I even heard people complaining that new moms can show off too much their newborn. One or two photos are great – a whole dozen of them each day isn’t such a good idea. This shirt admits the fun when a new mom shares her happiness just a little bit too much.

580-726-5269Source: Cafe Press

This design is on a serious note and makes you think what you’ve done today. It contains both humor and seriousness because making a human baby is a top achievement. It’s not everyday that a woman can get pregnant (and sadly, some who try can’t get pregnant for years). If you want to make a human, then click here for pregnancy information.

Source: Spread Shirt

This one is for future-dads! Maternity isn’t always about women – it’s about men too. This shirt is a great one for men who want to join in on the fun and ‘claim responsibility’ for what they did. The sentence is a pun on “the man behind the gun”.

Some women may dread the appearance of a pregnant belly. They’re frightened about not being able to wear their most favorite outfits anymore. But many other women say that the change in appearance is worth it to have a little cuddly baby in your arms. Besides, you can always follow a good workout program to lose that extra weight after pregnancy and get back to your previous size.

Do you have any funny maternity shirt ideas and designs? Share your favorites!

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Spain is a warm country known for the beautiful landscapes, tasty cuisines, and rich culture. It’s also a frequent source of inspiration for fashion designers around the world. For our first post at the start of this year, let’s take a look at the latest Spanish fashion trends and see what inspiration we can find.

Since Spain is a country located in a warm climate, the clothes must be comfortable to wear in hot or warm weather. Clothes for warm weather are significantly different from clothes for cold weather. I don’t just mean in thickness or length, but also in parts and function. That’s why designing clothes for warm countries such as Spain needs special considerations.

Let’s take a look at some photos of warm weather fashion from recent fashion shows:

This photo shows a group of four outfits designed by Dolce Gabbana all colored red! Red is a strong color that fits a warm summer temperature and ocean-side activities. I prefer the simple shirt with shorts because wearing long pants during a warm day can make you sweat more than you should. The wide shirt is also a good option because it gives plenty of room for air to move about and cool you down.


This photo shows clothes for women during the summer. The clothes are greatly inspired by the ways of people near the equator. Notice how wide, soft and loose the materials are. This kind of material is great for countries in warm climates because it allows room for air to get inside your clothes and give you a nice cool feeling. You can opt for trousers or a skirt as the models in the photo show.

These kinds of clothes fit a slim body the best. People in warm countries tend to sweat more than those in cold countries so they generally have a lower level of overweight people. If you are thinking about visiting a warm country but you want to slim down first, have a look at 785-401-0981 for a Spanish weight loss guide.

The inspiration that I take from these pictures is that I should make shirts that are wide and from thin material. The colors should be bright to suit the warm and fun weather. The pattern can be simple or decorated depending on the situation. Overall, these Spanish fashion trends are a good source of ideas and inspiration for our next shirt designs.


3238814392Of course, before you go out on a casual dinner date, you will look first for the most appropriate dress for dining at the specific restaurant where you’ll have some socialization and fun. Since every restaurant creates a particular air, which usually includes a dress code, finding out the proper casual dinner dress code is an important thing to consider.

When contemplating on the dinner dress standards, you will want to pay attention to the various meal schedules, as well as the various days of the week because sometimes it will change. Meal schedules are a great aid when you are also watching your weight. These schedules can help you to know what to wear and know what food choices you have.

Considering the dress code for a 7069349222 allows you to dress up properly. So read on and learn what you should wear in the different casual dinner settings. This can also save you from getting it all wrong and showing up for the occasion improperly dressed.

When In A ‘Black Tie’ Casual Dinner Date

Ladies, if you are going to an establishment with a Black Tie dinner dress code, you have to dress casually but with a certain extent of formality. In most of Black Tie dinner situations, you will normally see women donning long, formal dinner gowns. Some ladies, though, were able to hold themselves in a pretty cocktail dress. It’s pretty much like a casual dinner, after all – though with a fine touch of sophistication.

When In A ‘Casual Business’ Dinner Date

The dress code for the casual business dinner is way different from the dress code in a black tie dinner. Here, you can go for more conservative outfits. However you can also wear more comfy dresses. In a casual business dinner situations, you can wear slacks, skirts, pants, over coats and business attires. Just keep in mind to wear the appropriate clothes for a casual business dinner setting.

When In A ‘California Casual’ Dinner Date

The dress code here is not the same as the dress code in a casual business dinner. In California casual dinner dress code, you can wear pretty much anything. Some people go for t-shirts, jeans and polo shirts. During summer, sandals and shorts will do in a California casual setting.

However, despite how cool and carefree the attire selection can be in this kind of setting, you still want to make certain that you look your best and you wear proper, nice clothes. Besides, you will not want to go around wearing your shabby, old t-shirt or your most conservative pair of jeans.

Dinner dates are a good social event. But sometimes you worry what you eat can make you gain weight. Don’t worry, because dinner can help you maintain weight if you know how to do it. Get guidance on proper dinner eating in the Half Day Diet. 661-344-4779.

It is normal for ladies to care about how they look. By considering what to wear for a casual dinner appointment, you will not have to be uneasy about being under dressed or overly dressed for the date. In addition, always consider putting some proper spice to your natural look. You can wear the nicest ones in your jewelry box, get your hair styled and done by a salon expert, and even put some make-up – it will not just add color to your face but also highlight your face’s special features.

Funny “Exercise is for Bacon” T-Shirt

Here at Shirt Pizza, we love designing our own shirts. For us, designing shirts is a fun and sometimes hilarious activity. We scour the internet looking for inspiration for our designs. Some days, we strike gold and can come up with a really cool and crazy design that we think our customers will like (You can look at some of our designs in the Shop). But other days, we just can’t come up with anything no matter how hard we try.

Whenever we bump into these days where we don’t get any design work done, we like to take a look at what other shirt designers have come up with. Yeah, sometimes other designers make crap designs, but sometimes they can come up with pure genius ones, like this shirt design I found earlier.

Check it out guys. I think the words on this shirt are hilarious:

Yeah that’s right: Exercise is for Bacon! Ha ha!

We’ve made inimically for people who want to lose weight. And by that I mean, we don’t design shirts that make them look thinner (even though we would probably have a really profitable business were we able to come up with that). We design shirts with words that help people get in the mood to stay healthy by eating healthy meal plans and working out.

I’m a bit of a health nut myself, so sometimes I understand how people who want to lose weight feel like. 7578077755 is a lot of work and takes a long time, so you really need to stay motivated if you’re going to reach the finish line. One of the diet plans I’ve taken a look at this year is the Cruise Control Diet 2015. It’s past through the middle of the year and I haven’t gotten into my weight goals though, so maybe it’s time I took a look at it again.

When you’re on a diet like that, sometimes you want to pull your hair out and just go crazy eating whatever you want. The shirt in the picture above is a good design because it reminds us of how difficult it is to stay on goal. And if you stray from your path, you might as well be funny about it!

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online dating t-shirt

Nowadays, technology and internet connection are two things that cannot be separated from the human life. No wonder that there are many people that choose to communicate with others through social media or online chats. With this new habit, all kind activity that has relation with social interaction is changed with online media. One new thing that is done by men or women in this world is try to find the real love by social media and online dating. If you are the one man or woman that is interested with this activity or you are curious with find the true love, relationship tips, or new friends by social media and/or online dating, one thing that you have to remember is about the safety. If you are careless, there will be people that can make you are lose out.

For you who are beginner in this wide, you have to know some safe tips for social media and online dating and to help you find those some safe tips, this article will provide some safe tips for you in order when you play in this wide, your data will be safe and you can find new friends or 3213058631. Let’s see this following explanation that will be presented in numbers!

#1 Keep Your ID Safely

First safe tips that you have to do when you decide to try online dating are keep your ID safely. There is one way that you can do periodically and it is really easy to do. Try to find your name by searching engine, for instance Google by type your name in the provided column. For the specific search, you can go to the Google image directly. This case is done to know how people can search about you and your information that is saved in the internet, either in your profile or any other sources. Don’t forget to do these tips periodically to minimize the worst things that can be happened.

#2 Play Safe in Media Social and Online Dating

It means that you are demanded to be smart when play media social or join in the online dating sites, because sometimes there are many media social or online dating sites that ask your detail information or personal data. In fact, there are many people that will misapply your data, so the suggestion for you is fill the required information sufficiently, for instance your name, birthday, email address, and the other simple information from you.

#3 Be Careful with New People

When you join with media social and/or online dating sites, you will get many new friends automatically. Hence, please be careful with all of new people that you meet in those sites. Although you routine to communicate with them, it cannot be called that you have known them personally. Ask them to communicate via webcam in order you can know about their face and also identity. With communication through webcam, your interlocutors cannot hide their identity from you.

That’s all safe tips that can be used in social media and online dating. It is better for you to pay attention with those safe tips in order you are avoided by people that will misapply your data or information to do crime, for more online dating safety tips go to /


capture his heart and make him love you forever

It is normal for every woman all around the world to have a dream for having a fine man who can be her prince on the white horse. Women surely will make romance as crucial part of their lie. However, at the same time we can also make sure that romance can be a great mystery for many women. Many of them find difficult experience to capture his heart and make him love you forever. There are several men who are close to them but they cannot capture his heart for making him love her forever. There are some steps which should be taken to reach this goal after all, that you should taken this as a dating advice for women.

Look Busy and Keep Pretty
Love is feeling which is hard to explain. There is no question that many women will find hard time for showing their feeling of love without annoying his man. Many women will try as much as possible to 916-624-3380. However, instead spending all of their time for waiting him calls you, it is better for you to look busy. It is necessary even if you really sit and wait for him to call you all the day. Socializing with people, enjoying hobbies, or making new friends will help you feel happier and more fulfilled. This activity can help you distract your attention. You will be able to capture his heart and make him love you forever if you let him know about your activity. It is also important for you to feel good about yourself. That is why you have to wear something which can make you feel pretty and confidence. First impression is very important after all and it can be the reason why he has desire to approach you further. Confidence becomes the key for capturing his heart for sure.

Make a Move and Flatter Him
Maybe you are women who want to keep your pride by playing hard to get or being a 2098036157. Sometimes it is necessary for you to make a move and take over the initiative. You should be creative and imaginative to make a move in so many circumstances. However, it is important not to overdo it. You have to remember that a man is a chaser and he can lose interest of you if you always run after him for all the time. Tocapture his heart and make him love you forever, you also have to be sensible as well as considerate. It is a big NO to complain and nag about something petty. This can make him run away from you actually. Besides complaining and nagging, silent treatment will not be efficient and irritating. The best solution of course cannot be separated from the reasonable talk about the issue. This way, they create trust with him. Last but not least, flattering him will be very easy thing to do since you just need to use seductive instinct. It can be varied after all from complementing his clothes to listening anything he says to you with great attention. It will make him want you more and more.

There is more advance strategy you can digest for Capturing His Heart and Making Him Love You Forever. Actually it is a paid content that written by relationship experts Michael Fiore and Claire Casey, you should (480) 686-0619.

How to Cope Your Love Feeling towards Your Ex

Ex T-Shirt

Going through a relationship with someone is not always happy as you think. You will face many problems that will risk your relationship. There are many factors such as different point of view. Sometimes, unimportant things also can disturb your relationship. If you cannot solve those kinds of problems wisely, it will break up your relationship in the end. Even if you decide to end your relationship, it is not always become a good solution because honestly you still worried if you cannot stay beside him/her. Those actually almost have been felt by many people. If that kind of feeling cannot leave from your mind for longer time, there are some ways about what to do if you still love an ex, for example you can follow 610-921-9726.

Fix your relationship

The first thing that you should think about after break up but your felling still totally into your ex is deciding whether you will continue your relationship or not.  It has not been late to fix all the bad things in your relationship. You should reflect on yourself about what you have done wrong so that it makes your relationship end. After you have known about your mistake, make it as a turning point to train yourself to be a better person. Always remember it and keep it in mind that you should not do it again whether with your ex or other person since it may hurt their 8563350418. The other way dealing with what to do if you still love an ex is by trying to reconnect your communication with him/her. Try to find your ex’s perspective why your relationship should be ended. Knowing both sides point of view in one problem is very important but it is commonly neglected. Most people tend to follow their ego and make decision with their own perspective without considering other side’s opinion. Solving problem together will be better because you find the solution that is pleasurable for both of you.

Positive things that you can do if you have to leave your ex

The end of relationship can be interpreted as a beginning of new relationship. However, it could not take place as fast as it is because the one that we love still come in our mind anytime through impulsive desire method. Perhaps it can be quite hurtful for your feeling because you have decided to leave him/her. Hence, what to do if you still love an ex but do not want to continue the relationship is waiting until your wounds are healed as time passes. You probably ever think that you cannot live without him/her, but surely you can. Give time to yourself to move on, you can click here to read more about how to attract new partner. Try to do some positive think in order to reduce the intensity to think about your ex. Enjoy your quality time with family, best friends, or colleagues in. joining an organization or community will also very beneficial because you can meet new people and perhaps one of them is your fate. Try to write what you are feeling. Writing can be a soothing way to releasing our emotion. Writing in a distress condition often creates a good masterpiece such as novel.

Hopefully this article will relieve you, and for more information of how to deal with your ex, you can visit this site.

Learn More About Supernatural Miracle

I Believe In Miracle T-shirt

People have their own ability. They have different personality each other. When we meet new friend, we will meet new person and we will find new personality too. Some people have common ability such as singing, playing piano and some other things. The other people have different ability. Some people gets supernatural miracle from (309) 281-3821. Not all people have this ability. Most people don’t know about this miracle. For all of you who want to know more about this miracle, you can get explanation here.

What is Supernatural Miracle?

Before we know about ability, we need to know the definition of supernatural miracle first. Supernatural is phenomena which are regarded by some beyond nature. Sometimes we can’t explain all things happen to our life. That is why some people relate it with ghost or magical things. In this world supernatural is often associated with magical or (703) 860-9213 ideas. Most people are difficult to explain more about all things happen and all things can be identified with science or deep research. There are some examples of supernatural that we can find in Bible such as plagues and also misfortunes. All things are related with God’s anger and vengeance. In some theological discussions, this term is related with God’s presence. Miracle such as easy to walk on water in Bible is also called as supernatural miracle. It happens because God’s presence. You need to believe it although it is difficult to believe something illogical.

What You Should Do?

Some people often feel confused when they often experience bad things or see miracles with their eyes. People really want to be ordinary people and they don’t want to get this ability. What you must do when you get this miracle? When you have this ability too to see all miracles near of you, you need to think that it is God’s creation. You should not think that you have power like God. You can see all things because of God. When you see God’s presence in all miracles, it means God wants you to share what you see to other people and make other people believe of what God’s done to all people in this world. You should not associate all things that you see and you experience as Ghost’s creation or magic. God creates ghost too. That is why you should believe in God rather than ghost. When you are disturbed with your ability, then you should not think deeper of your ability. Actually you can use your ability to help other people and you can prevent all bad things come to your life and other people life too. You can learn more about what happen to you when you follow theological discussion. It is important to do meditation and make close relationship with God. It helps you to get all answers for all questions in your life. You must give thank to God for all things that you get. There are some books that you can read too to find all answers of your questions, you can also check out this website 520-741-7298. Finding people who make you feel comfortable to discuss about your problem will help you to feel better with your ability.

Dating Method from the Tao of Badass

Womanizer T-Shirt

Dating life is fun and also intriguing. This is fun as you can keep looking for the girl in your dream and throughout the process you will be able to meet many different types of girls. However, it is at the same time intriguing when you do not know how to start. Many men are too timid to actually make a move on a girl he likes and as a result, he ends up sleeping alone every night. If you also experience this kind of thing, then what you need is definitely a spot-on (870) 993-6164 that can help you meet the woman in your dream and even convince her to have a relationship with you. For this purpose, you can try following the tao of badass free ebook method by Joshua Pellicer.

Pellicer is known as a successful life coach who claims that his method has helped 110.000 men from 30 countries in the world. He said that his method has a high successful rate because he based it on the real life events. As a psychology student graduate, he stated that he has found the effective formula to make women fall helplessly in love with him and even cannot wait to sleep with him from the day they met him. This might sound unbelievable but according to the reviews of some of his clients, they have claimed that the method of the tao of badass really does work.

The key to the method is actually very simple. Pellicer always says that it is very important for any man to be confident. You have to be comfortable in your own skin if you want women to like you. Most women might not want to admit but what most of them want is the quality of a bad boy in a man. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a jerk to be with a woman. It is more of the bad boy confidence that you should possess. If you often notice, those bad boys always seem as if they don’t really care about the society’s rule as they always play by their rule. This shows their leader potential that makes the women crazy for them. Thus, it is okay every once in a while for you to not always play by a rule. Show that you are confident enough. Talk convincingly when you want to approach women and she will not think twice to give you her number.

If you are still unsure about how the tao of badass works, you can check its website as it is also a resourceful website where you can learn some dating tips as well (704) 214-9860. You also can build up your personality by following some steps provided there. if you are uncomfortable with some of the advices, that is okay. You can modify them so that they can suit your style and personality more. After all, the method is just an example so you must choose which one will work for you and which one will not.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

friend zone t-shirt

The first time you befriend a girl, you may think that she can be your best friend because there are many good things that you can share with her. Suddenly, you start to be aware that there is a good chemistry between you and her. You then want something bigger than friendship. You may think that it will be rather easy for you to express your romantic feeling to someone who has been close to you for quite a while; however, when you meet her, you immediately become speechless. No word can come out from your mouth and you can simply entertain her with your regular friendship talks.

Why Is It Difficult to Escape from the Friend Zone?

You are suddenly aware of the fact that proposing your close friend is much harder than proposing someone whom you have just met. The reason for such situation is quite clear: when you ask your close friend to be your love, you have to get out of the friend zone because you can never mix friendship with romance. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to escape from the friend zone. There are many reasons for that. To start with, you may fear that your friend may reject you. And then you fear that when she rejects you, you will lose her, not only as a sweetheart, but also as a friend. You may also think that she only wants you as a friend, not a love. There are many other reasons why the barrier of friend zone is quite difficult to break down. If this happens to you, you should know the most strategic ways to escape from that zone, and unfortunately getting out of the friend zone when she has a boyfriend.

Ways to Escape from the Friend Zone

There are several ways to 828-690-4044. Some of them are explained as follows.

Make yourself confident by seeing how she actually sees you.

If fear is your biggest problem, you should overcome it by improving your self-confidence. You can do that by examining how she treats you in an honest way. If she treats you like a sibling, a brother, or someone who is not likely to be boyfriend, you have to be ready to struggle hard. If she sees you like a friend, a pillow to cry on, or something that is closer than that, you should be confident enough to express your feeling to her.

After you regain your full confidence, be honest to her.

If you are sure that she will likely accept your request, express your feeling to her and do that as soon as possible. Being honest to her may be hard, but you can always manage it if you are confident enough. You don’t have to rush, but you should not waste much time because unnecessary delay may gradually change her mood.

If your instinct is wrong, don’t be hopeless and downhearted.

You may be rejected, but that’s okay. Rejection may mean that she is not yet ready to make you her boyfriend. Make improvements to your attitude and appearance and don’t lose your confidence because if she knows that you are very serious about her, she may change her mind.

5 Steps to Encourage Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss T-Shirt

Busy activities and limited time to manage eating time and do exercises seems to be the general reason why people fail to do diet program in losing weight. (561) 758-3166 is a situation in which you should motivate yourself to change unhealthy lifestyle to go healthier lifestyle and living. Weight loss is being a real benefit when you want to do diet properly with full of motivation and never give up. There are seven steps to encourage your weight loss motivation.

Refreshing Your Mind

It is better to think about how long you have unhealthy lifestyle and living including consuming sweet and fatty food, rarely doing exercises, smoking and sleeping at late night.  You definitely will not stop thinking about your bad habits for days and even years. It is actually difficult to change your unhealthy habits and living for short time. But, it is the time to change your unhealthy life. One reason why people do diet is diet can open the chance to live longer with losing weight. With longer time, it means that you have longer time to gather with your family and beloved people. In addition, you can have your ideal body as you can decrease your weight by having diet. Thus, it is good to refresh your mind with lots of benefits that you got from weight loss and diet.

Hanging on Your Favorite Outfits

You can buy outfits when you were slim. It is also good to buy favorite outfits that you want to wear when you have an ideal body someday. To lose weight, it is necessary to do diet programs. After buying outfits, you should hang outfits on the walls in the bedroom. If your motivation to lose weight decreases, it is better to see the outfit. It may encourage your motivation to help weight loss. You should hang your outfit on the spot that is easy to see.

Listening to Music at Exercises

It is believed that people tend to do a certain activity in longer time when they listen to music. The best time of listening to music is doing exercises and before sleeping. When you did exercises,  loud music will encourage motivation and spirit to still move actively. Meanwhile, slow and harmonic music can help you to get quality time of sleeping.

Note Any Progress

It is good to make evaluation sheet in which you can note your weight, size of your body and body fat. You make sure that you evaluate every 2 to 3 weeks to make sure your progress in weight loss. The idea is controlling closer so that positive and negative changes can be repaired. I suggest you to check the proven method called 4508184429.

Taking Photo of You Before and After Diet

You can take a series of photos of you before and after diet. Those photos are taken from back, side and front so that you can compare to the photos in improving your weight loss programs. To have better motivations, cut your head of the picture and then glue it on popular people. It may be silly but it can inspire you to focus more on encouraging your motivation harder.

Manifest the Love of Your Life



Many people wish to be loved and have been searching for love. You might be one of those people and you really want to meet your soulmate soon. You may have tried a lot of ways that you thought to be helpful for you. Maybe you have tried to join dating sites, visiting single bars, joining groups for speed dating or even ask the help of a matchmaker. Maybe, you feel so hopeless because you have not found the love of your life yet. Maybe it is time for you to try to manifest the love of your life.

What is the meaning behind manifesting the love of your life? Simple, it is basically a formula to find the love you need. In this method, you need just a little bit of your time, energy, attention and intention.

It all starts with the principles or Law of Attraction. You need to know what you want, believe in it while trying to get it and in the end you will receive what you want. It does sound easy but when it comes to manifesting love, there will be three things that must be understood and applied really well in your real life.

1. The first step is to have clarity

It means that you must know exactly what kind of partner you want. Think about an individual that may fit you in every way. Someone who will fit you now and will also be able to come along with you in the future. It may seem that you are daydreaming but you are not daydreaming. You are hoping for the best person to come for you and be with you as your true love. You know who you want to be with and hope to find that person soon.

2. The second step will be clearing

What is this supposed to mean? Well, it just as it is, clearing means you need to let go. What are the things you need to let go? There might be a lot of them and will be both emotionally and physically.

You need to let go of the emotional and the physical clutter that will become obstacles for you in becoming someone who opens to love and to be loved. Think about your past lovers, your heartaches and many other things related to your love life and let them go. To put it simpler, forget them.

It can be difficult to simply forget about your past. It’s normal if you feel much emotion when going through this process. This is how you know you are letting go – when you feel pain or sadness about letting go of the past.

To make the process easier, you can get help from many relationship experts. You don’t have to pay an expensive amount to ask advice from one, you can get good advice by downloading the Hay House World Summit free videos. This is a good starting point to begin with, but if you need even more help you can always visit a psychologist for one-on-one therapy.

3. The third and last step is the manifestation itself

Take a little bit of your time every day to sit still in quiet place. Let go all of the chaos and put your thought and attention to what your heart desires. Let yourself feel and imagine what it will be to live with the one you truly love and that someone feels the same for you. Ask yourself various questions regarding your love life. You must believe that you already have the love that you are looking for.

Check out one of the most powerful programs to manifest the love of life – art of love relationship event.



boyfriend girlfriend t-shirt

Falling in love is a very pretty feeling and if you want your boyfriend to absolutely fall in love with you, this should not make you worry. It’s a matter of simple math; just follow the following tips to make him fall in love and they will help you to make boyfriend fall in love very much.

1. Find a balance in your relationship- All successful relationships have one bond of contention- the right balance!  You will find that it is the major thing that helps much in staying in love with each other. While in pursuit, you should not make your boyfriend feel suffocated, which is a common complaint from guys. You need to have the following ideas when focusing to finding a balance: routine and spontaneity hence make a routine out of what your boyfriend like doing, love and lust to make you realize that love is selfless and as you express your desires, make sure that other desires are satisfied too, speaking and listening.  As much as you like to talk to him, learn to listen to make him feel cared for.

2. Ensure that he has time for himself: What you should know is that guys are naturally independent and so need space at times hence should he should get that from you. The secret is that guys tend to relieve their worries when talking to other guys and this helps them heal. It even shows that you trust him on his own even when he is away.

3. Do something spontaneous that proves your love guided by what he likes most and make it a surprise since it is most likely to make a big impression. It’s one of the best factor on 6208520005. In case he likes sports, look for tickets and take him to an amusement side. In case he is a hopeless romantic type, then buy him a love book or a soft music and dedicate the nice words to him. But if he is an outdoorsy type, you can look forward to talking him on a camping trip and it will work perfectly.

4. You can hang with the guys sometimes: Most boyfriends love a girl that can chill with them and joke around, have fun, be happy hence trying to let lose. However, make sure that when mingling,   make sure you avoid flirting since you will turn him off.

5. Leave a thoughtful short message in his shirt pocket saying something straight from heart that will let him know you always wanted to be close for him at all costs. When doing this, make sure that’s short enough so that he does not feel the need for responding. ‘Hi there, I just wanted you to know how special you are to me’ can also work.

6. Plan for a date where you can go somewhere and relax: It will make him share his feeling about your relationship and as he opens up, please let him have your full attention, but with some positive comments to make the conversation flowing.  Share dishes together and drinks that you think he appreciates most hence keeping him closer to you in all aspects.

7. Show a little surprise affection; just a little affection works well for guys since despite going for a long way,  it does not mean he dislikes it. A surprise kiss at the chick, surprise comments among other things that you don’t normally do and all will have a positive impact on him!


relationship t-shirt

Many women get troubles in their relationships. Some of them said that their men could not understand their feelings. The others get jealous of the other women in their relationship. However, those problems are very common to happen at many women. If you have those problems, you will get the solution from this article. In this article, we are going to talk about the relationship help, so you can avoid any trouble in your relationship. You will get the tips to keep your relationship in the good condition, and even become better woman to your man. We will discuss about the things that will give you troubles and the solution to change those troubles into the good conditions in your relationship.

Relationship is Two Way of Communication

If you are in relationship, you have to realize that a relationship needs both man and women’s understanding. It is very good relationship advice for women. Many women do not want to understand the condition of their men. They just blame any troubles to their men. You should think about all of the troubles in your relationship. Look for the causes of those troubles. If you find that the causes of the troubles are not from your men, you should apologize to your men. He is also a human, and he cannot understand all of your troubles. He also needs your help to solve the problems in your relationship.

Understand Your Man

If you want the good relationship advice for women, you have to understand that man is not perfect human. You have to help him with his troubles. You are not the only side in a relationship with the weak condition. Many women consider themselves as the side with more attention. If they do not get enough attention, they will look for attention with the fake troubles or any other stupid things. If you remember that you did those mistakes, you should change your behavior. You have to pay attention to the condition of your man. No matter how strong your man is, he still needs your care. You should ask him about his work, his friends, or the family problems. He also needs the help from woman to consult the problems in his life. You should share many moments in your life to get the better condition of the relationship.

Stop the Jealous

Many women get the troubles of relationship from the (267) 962-7358 factor. In the good relationship advice for women, jealous is the main enemy. You have to get rid of that feeling if you want to get the good relationship. However, your man needs the female friends in their activities. You cannot consider you as the only woman in this world. He needs to interact with the other women, especially the woman from the family of your man. If you limit his friends, he will get stresses, and he will blame you with his troubles. You have to be smart to control your man for the good sake. However, you should not give the freedom to your man to interact with the other women in the bad ways.


Shirt Inspired by the Theme of Music Records

Shirt design by Branka Kovacevic

This shirt is inspired by the look and feel of music records. The front collar and button line makes it look like it has a red tie. I also like the asymmetrical motif on the upper right and lower left side. The patterns remind me of how various music artists and genres are connected to each other.

The curve around the hips is a crucial part of this design. In my mind, this shirt for women is designed to accentuate the feminine figure. It’s true that good fashion highlights your best parts, and this shirt can make you look slimmer. It’s quite handy if you want to lose weight without actually losing weight!

Speaking about feminine figures, it’s essential for you to know your (605) 586-6580. Different women have different types of figures. Some women are slender, some have the square body type, and some have the hourglass figure (which is often considered the sexiest). In my opinion though, no body type is better than the other. This is because the definition and representation of “sexy” has changed practically every decade throughout the century.

Hardly any women are born with good genetics that give them the figure they want. Every woman feels she could lose a few extra pounds here and there. This is why I love fashion so much, because it allows for women to look better, healthier and more beautiful without spending a fortune.

Sometimes women do want to lose weight though, whether for aesthetic or health reasons. I find that one of the best ways is to register for a customized fat loss login. What this means is that you don’t use a generic diet, because generic ones don’t necessarily work for you. A customized diet plan means you get one that is specifically made for you and your body shape.

The important thing is to not go overboard. Some women take weight issues way too seriously and end up looking less beautiful than they started. Sometimes a little fat actually makes you look sexier (some men prefer women who are chubbier). So if you weight more than you want, don’t worry so much.

Remember to always love yourself, and you’ll always be beautiful.

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This design is from 978-741-0944.

I like the texture of the green color, combined with a simple but still detailed motif that makes this design rather catchy if put on a plain tee. Would be a smart choice for a casual summer day hangout with buddies or even a cold autumn day if you put this on a sweater.