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I've already explained that.


Let's cut the cake now.

I certainly didn't see this coming.

My dog follows me whenever I go.


Lou usually wears silk pajamas.

She opened a savings account.

A typical nurse will do such things as helping with a urinal bottle, and shaving in preparation for surgery!

Bring me my cane.

I can teach you how to bake a pizza.

I'm just cleaning up.

No one would hurt them.

My alarm clock didn't work. That's why I was late.

The world is very complicated.

This plan has not yet been cleared by the committee.

Can the crisis be overcome?

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Classes start tomorrow.


Would you please autograph this book?

We were not a little disappointed with you.

Jacques lay flat on the floor.


Terrance is absolutely right.

I want you and me to be happy.

The police are looking for me.

Does someone here speak Japanese?

That was foreseeable.


The drought is over.

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He left for Paris.

I've got to do something first.

Kate left this place for good.


Being able to make onself understood in English is vastly different from mastering the language perfectly.

By the end of June 2006, the number of netizens in rural China had reached three million, seven hundred and forty one thousand, making up 5.1% of the total rural population.

He is off work for a few days.

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I drew a moustache on Ian's picture.

You should've told me.

Karl couldn't stop thinking about Leslie.

Vickie certainly is a poor judge of character.

The publisher gave my proposal a chance.

Clifford's not at all sure who he should talk to.

He is lost in thought.


That's why I worry about you.

It isn't so good with money as bad without it.

The popularity of the chupacabras has resulted in it being featured in several types of media.

Won't you have some more tea?

I still couldn't format my hard disk.

She is no doubt pretty, but she isn't beautiful.

Art brings bread.

I came at Ning's request.

You can rely on him.

Everyone is watching her.

Once you have decided to do something, stick to it.

The carts were being loaded.

It is good that children are industrious.

This joke relies on a double entendre.

Vic was dying of thirst.

Take care not to miss the train.

Compile an essay on that topic within a fixed number of letters.

Now really isn't a good time.

He won't look at my advice.

Herb is brushing his hair.

What kind of mushrooms are they?

Neptune has two thick and two thin rings which surround it.

Do not wash your dirty linen in public.

Late in life the miser learned to be generous with money.

He made sure nobody could see her.


The child is going on seven.


Don't buy that.

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My spoon is bigger!

He sang the song with great expression.

The cat shot under the table when thunder rumbled and lightning flashed outside.

What else did you say?

You should never look down on a man merely because he is poor.

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Safety is what matters most.


Mom, I am hungry.

I know you can try harder.

I'm not the only one who's hungry.

I'm wondering whether Jeanette would ever consider helping me with my homework.

Tonight's going to be fun.

I've drifted apart from my friends.

I let Farouk buy it for me.

He recovered little by little.

Chemistry gave us plastics.


Giovanni tried to attract someone's attention.


Sally is OK.

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We were lucky no one got hurt today.

I believe as long as we allow conditions to exist that make for second-class citizens, we are making of ourselves less than first-class citizens.

May I sleep on your couch tonight?


We have thirteen clubs.


Can you arrange it?

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You're not supposed to wear your slippers down to the lobby.

Louise won't be going anywhere else.

I have no beef with him.

Your message should be at least ten characters long.

His money was all gone.

Where do you cook?

From now on, drinking in the workplace is prohibited.

Rakhal overheard Mats talking intimately to another woman on his mobile phone.

Nicolas is our oldest member.

You had better try buttering him up first.

I can't find anything wrong with what Hohn did.


It seems to me that, apart from native speakers, nobody translates Russian sentences, and that's sad.

He went to Yokohama in his beloved car.

Attention swimmers! Don't stay in the water too long. Remember that in December it freezes.

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Swallows migrate to a warm climate.

Donald poured himself some milk.

You always tell me to think for myself.


At first, I didn't like it, but it gradually became fun.

This antique brazier no longer has any real utility.

I thou thee, thou traitor!

Clara answered his front door.

I'll tell you what's happened.

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I've made him wait long enough.

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"What color is your dad's truck?" - "Blue. It is blue."

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We're in a dangerous area right now.

Is it cold in Germany?

She had been very shy till she graduated.

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He said that he would be back right away.

You must learn to govern your temper.

Have you ever had a dream about me?

I've been very busy since the new term started.

Jones rolled up his sleeve.

Jim has been trying to take me out to dinner for the last three weeks.

I'm going to keep looking for Bob.

Are you wearing makeup?

Let me off at the train station, please.

Be patient!

From across the room, you look like Sridharan.

Rupert and Juri were talking in French.

Smog causes plants to die.


I'd like to ask you a few more questions.

They paid me five dollars for the bag.

Let's make this brief.

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A red and spotted white towel, please.

What I think doesn't matter.

I met with them again.


If you don't mind, I'd like to be alone for a while.


All you people will be remembered for hundreds of years.

It is sometimes acceptable to resort to violence.

I wish you were dead!

I know that you love Ram.

I leave this evening.


Rarely do I listen to the radio.


Erick was a great manager.

Age is not important, unless you are either cheese or wine.

There is but one chance.

What time will Nicolas arrive in Boston?

I am Paul, your flatmate.

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The motorcycle ran out of gas.


My country is situated in North Africa, south of the Mediterranean Sea.


Because so many people want a European passport, sham marriages are on the rise.

You're in big trouble.

Are you going to go out with Heinz again?


Prakash's friends laughed at Hienz's joke.

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Roger Jackson was re-elected mayor in 2013.

We can't help her.

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You're acting like a baby.


We already have your name on the list.

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I think Ti has no ulterior motives.