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Virtue Analytics is a boutique Strategy and Analytics consulting firm. We provide project based consulting services to companies worldwide. Our in-depth understanding of the analytical tools, techniques, and big data solutions allows us to make significant contributions as your consultant. We have worked closely with senior leaders of multinational companies and can provide a combination of data modeling expertise and industry business knowledge to our clients. Our team consists of management consultants, data scientists, data engineers, and researchers with elite educational and professional backgrounds providing a wide range of comprehensive solutions. As experts in the strategy and analytics field, we often partner with other companies specializing in certain sectors to provide services to our clients. We are open to partnering and exploring joint opportunities with other consulting firms.




We can use a variety of data science and data engineering tools to create real-time business intelligence reports. By isolating key performance indicators using specific client objectives, we present our clients with succinct and digestible business reports. Our clients see remarkable results as our work represents a significant improvement over traditional data analysis process. Our background in management consulting and breadth of experience across various industries helps us unlock the potential of hidden information in our client’s data. We are able to incorporate social media, census, third party and publicly available information to drive innovation in advancing business insights reporting for our clients. Our focus is to assist organizations become better equipped to be able to compete at the next higher level.

We utilize a very surgical, methodical approach towards developing all our analytical models. We classify the process very broadly in four steps. The four steps are the current state data assessment, data analysis and model creation, optimal solution development, and finally solution implementation. Each stage has several individual steps, but the overall process is iterative with several touch points for business validation. Maintaining a standardized and structured approach is a very important aspect of our overall engagement. The modeling process has been developed based on our project management experience over the years. The Virtue team has several years of advance engineering education, elite management consulting experience, and strong business operational knowledge.

Virtue Analytics consultants and our strategic partners have a strong stature in the field of data analytics and management consulting. Our team has helped craft innovative techniques for businesses resulting in savings of millions of dollars. We provide our clients with unparalleled business domain expertise and unique insights driven by advance data analytic solutions. We have a strong team of algorithm developers who can productize ideas into business usable tools and we have developed a novel approach to extract predictive insights in real time through data manipulation. Our goal is to utilize business lessons using advance analytics to further management consulting frameworks. Our mission and purpose accompany a strong desire to create a significant difference in the field of business management analytics.

We help our clients create and institute innovative analytical data-driven decision-making processes and solutions. The team has a wide variety of technical and project management experience deploying analytical and planning tools. We have helped our clients with design, development, data modeling, testing, and customer education phases of project implementations. We have worked closely with senior leaders of multinational companies on business strategy formulation, data analytics, new product launches, and logistics optimization. Clients value our intelligence, perspective and commitment to customer service. Our experience and understanding of the impact that data analytics can have your business allows us to make significant contributions as your consultant. Our team helps bridge the gap between the client’s business problem and the available advanced analytics technical solutions. We have several years of Fortune 50 business experience, and help our clients to become globally competitive.




Team of industry and subject matter experts.
We work hard to ensure that we exceed expectations.
Provide flexibility and leadership in solving problem.



Reduced direct hire overheads for our clients
Flat fee or other consulting arrangement.
No overheads such as rising health care costs.



Effective transfer of knowledge through training and tutorials.
Previous experience of developing and rolling out training program for over 9000 employees.




Ready, trained and effective contributors from day one.
Avoid lengthy recruiting cycle for the right resource and 2 -3 weeks in resource training.



Joint partnership and collaborative effort
Ability to perform round the clock work.
On site or off site working arrangement.



Flex capacity resource to fill in the need for a certain period of time.
Reporting or ongoing maintenance through our overseas team at discounted



We are management consultants from Deloitte Consulting, McKinsey with project delivery experience at Fortune 500 companies, and have category management, supply chain, sourcing & procurement, financial planning experience.




We are big data specialists, computer engineers and programmers developing customized analytical solutions for our clients, with expertise in SAS, SPSS, SYSTAT, Python, Java, R, MATLAB, SQL etc.



We are data evangelists, econometricians, technically trained in operations research, statistics, engineering sciences, and mathematics from world’s elite universities such as MIT, UW Madison, IIT, National institute technology etc.




We are avid researchers, publishers and presenters in academic journals, patent holders and research scientists from premier business schools and universities.





Applications of predictive modeling are numerous. It is a valuable tool across businesses to better understand customer behavior and leverage insights for improving bottom line. We have created predictive models for product companies for manufacturing resource management.


We can provide data backed in-depth insights on your various marketing promotional campaigns. We utilize advance analytics to model behavior, measure convergence and recommend ongoing change.


Eligibility criteria processes, territory specific insights, data analysis, simplification of complex processes, dissecting data, service level improvement and solution development.


Network modeling is extremely important for growing businesses. How can businesses be certain that their multi-million dollar investment towards opening new locations will yield expected returns? We can help!



Quality customer service driven, analytically sharp team. Several years of supply chain innovation, strategic sourcing, category management, merchandising & marketing, process mapping, P&L management, procurement, and business development experience at Fortune 50 and International corporations. Team is distinguished by work ethic, strategic thinking, and top performance in rigorous academic and work endeavors.


Expertise in data science, data engineering and business intelligence. In our business insights sector, we use the data science and data engineering tools to create real-time business intelligence reports. By isolating key performance indicators using specific client objectives, we present clients with succinct and digestible business reports in connection with their work. Through data engineering and management of big data, our services provide clients with the ability to re-evaluate their business productivity and strategies.


Strong project management and management consulting competencies, with a history of successfully leading several cross functional teams in revenue generation and cost reduction initiatives. In-depth experience in collaborating and forging partnerships with business leaders. Team has diverse experience formulating management strategies for companies and has been recognized for leadership and strong professional commitments by senior executives.


“Virtue analytics tackled our difficult problem of understanding our current and future markets. They brought forth an extremely high quality of analysis and helped us achieve our goals with network modeling. They are a top-tier startup boutique consulting company and work with utmost sincerity and client dedication. We found them to be a team of hard-working, intelligent professionals, who went above and beyond on every aspect of the project. I will strongly recommend Virtue Analytics to other companies.”

Jon F (CEO)

“We rely on Virtue Analytics extensively for our flagship product. They added the precision, validity and analytic rigor to our diagnostic product. Vikas and his team worked with us to customize and develop a strategic and analytical evaluation framework. They always maintained flexibility and responsiveness while adhering to the highest consulting standards. Vikas and the team are always pushing our thinking and helping us to innovate and constantly improve our product set.”

Rob B (President)                     

“Vikas and his team did an exceptional job analyzing the data and uncovering opportunities that will influence our decision-making in reviewing applicants for the recruitment cycle. Their keen insights provided useful data concerning the future use of both merit and need-based assistance and helped shape our incoming class. The potential for Virtue Analytics work in redirecting dollars has major ramifications. The university and I are extremely grateful.”

Dan M (Vice President)


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Virtue Analytics, with offices in USA and India, is looking for exceptional talent to join our team. We don’t like to settle, so if you’re as demanding of your work as we are of ours, then you may have found the right place. We’re constantly pushing for advancements in Strategy, Analytics, and Technology. At every level of the company, we consider ourselves as critical problem solvers. We work hard and together to bring world-class solutions to our clients.

Life at Virtue Analytics

We all want to enjoy our careers. At Virtue Analytics, we work hard and we work together. We provide a positive, respectful, diverse, and growing workplace where people are empowered to make their own decisions and are motivated to succeed. As a Virtue Analyst, your opinions do count and your contributions are valued. We appreciate the insights that everybody on the Virtue team brings to the table.


Current Opportunities

Please email your resume and/or cover letter to, and remember to indicate the career opportunity in which you are interested. Please note that due to the number of resume submissions we receive, we will contact you if the hiring manager would like to speak to you to get additional information and/or qualifications.


An internship at Virtue Analytics gives you hands-on experience and provides a strong competitive edge when you enter the workforce. This opportunity will allow you to become familiar with the organization, work style and great corporate culture. This program is a very important recruiting channel for us because it helps management identify highly-qualified prospective employees. Participating students are often considered for regular employment. Our philosophy is to recruit once, hire twice. Please email your resume and/or cover letter to



Vikas Mehrotra

Vikas has over 18 years of strong Supply chain, distribution, logistics, retail, merchandising and strategic sourcing analytics experience. He has led analytics teams for both direct and indirect strategic sourcing activities, and has experience in opportunity analysis and negotiations.
He has management, technical, process and project management experience with the deployment of supply chain planning, transportation optimization tools and has been involved in design, development, data modeling/ testing and customer training phases of the implementations.
Vikas holds a Masters in Engineering from MIT

Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet has several years of strong data analytics,data strategy, quality and reliability experience. He has led fortune 50 companies analytics & reliability groups,shared services and have been part of the Chief Data Office at Citi. He has created analytical models to streamline Human Resources workforce, understand market penetration, risk mitigation and attrition reduction. His analytical model to increase the reliability and efficiencies of multi-million dollar Gas Turbines helped GE save ~ 250MM in two years.Jagmeet has several publications and analytics
patents. He has a PhD from MIT


Joe Timko

Joe has created & led initiatives to drive growth, cost, performance improvement, technology direction, new market entry, and M&A. His additional experience includes leading corporate restructuring plans, large account planning, indirect and multi-channel management, sales force deployment, and pricing. At ADP, as Chief Strategy Officer he led overall strategy, business development and new business incubation efforts. At Pitney Bowes, as CTO and CSO, Joe led global product development, overall strategy, and corporate marketing. At McKinsey & Co. as a Partner, Joe’s work focused on the sectors of high tech (software, tech services), telecom (systems and services) and other verticals such as industrial controls, chemicals, pharmaceuticals)

Pradip Madan

Pradip brings executive and strategic leadership to the team. His experience includes high-tech sectors, healthcare, supply chain, e-commerce, and semiconductors. He has helped develop & market over 400 product/services. His leadership experience includes executive roles in large organizations with functional experience in M&A, corporate strategy , start-up founding, venture funding, growth, exits including IPOs, product planning, development, marketing, and sales.

Pradip has an MBA (honors), MSEE in Computer Science (magna cum laude), BSE in Electrical Engineering (magna cum laude), and BS(honors) in Physics.


Pablo Tercero

Pablo is a seasoned supply chain professional , with a track record of success implementing large scale supply chain transformations and strategies, designing and driving supply chain optimization, delivering step function performance change in operations, production planning, supplier management, inventory control and transportation management at companies like Walgreens, PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble.
He holds a Masters in Engineering in Supply Chain Management from MIT and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Kellogg’s School of Management

Sahil Sahni

Sahil is an accomplished researcher, technocrat, and business analytics consultant. He has led several pricing strategy and optimization, customer segmentation modeling, and sales team effectiveness projects. Prior to joining Virtue he was a leader at McKinsey’s Fast Growth Tech Practice and has experience with high-tech M&A, cloud strategy and leading technology service line. Sahil spent six years at MIT conducting research on global manufacturing energy targets strategy and has been cited over 300 times in news articles, media, and academic journals. Sahil holds a Ph.D. from MIT, and a B.Tech from IIT Chennai (India), in Materials Engineering. He has authored over 20 scientific articles in international journals.


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